Teaching Kids Financial Literacy through Free Online Games


As a parent, one of my personal mantras in raising my kids is to teach them young and teach them right.

An important aspect in life that I always remind them is to value and manage money wisely because we don’t know when emergency will come thus being prepared for the rainy days is a must.

Technically, financial literacy is about the fundamentals of money management like budgeting, saving, debt, investing, and even giving. Awareness in developing good money habits early in life will help a person avoid major mistakes that may lead to financial difficulties that can have a lifetime effect.

While looking for references online, I stumbled upon the website Mortgage Calculator which has a gaming section featuring free-to-play video games for kids that teaches entrepreneurship, business and money management.

I actually tried some games, and I got hooked on a couple of games which I am sure my kids will also love. I enjoyed these two games not ony because they sort of test my money handling skills, it also give me an opportunity to have virtual pets which is a plus for me because my family is fond of animals and we are responsible pet owners.

Screenshot: Idle Pet Business

Try the game Idle Pet Business where you will be given a chance to operate a pet store. Earn virtual coins while taking care of pets that includes hamsters, cats, dogs, rabbits, and parrots. You can buy upgrades to lower production time, stack earnings, and increase profits. Also, by sharing pictures of your pets on social media as a way of marketing the store, you can earn more income faster.

Screenshot: Farm Factory

Now if you are looking for an extra challenging game, you can check out Farm Factory, a game where you can purchase livestock to your virtual farm, upgrade the farm, and earn as much profit as you can in 5 minutes. There is a time pressure involved but you will definitely enjoy taking care of chickens, cows and sheep as you try to improve the farm’s capacity by develop the farm’s shipping center.

Indeed, these games are fun ways of being responsible in handling cash. The site primarily focuses on money and finance and offers many categories and dozens of games available for free. On top of this, you can have a much-needed quality family time playing with your loved ones anytime and anywhere you are.

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