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While many of us have become accustomed to just stay at home for the weekends or during our rest days from work, online-based hobbies and activities also have been popular to people from all walks of life and across all ages.

Personally, it was during the lockdowns because of the ongoing pandemic that I realized more the value of play time. I rediscovered the fun and excitement that online games can bring after hours of work. I prefer games that are easy to play and would not stress me out.  After all, I want to play to relax, right?

Then I stumbled upon that not only offer dozens of solitaire games but also a collection of classic games like mahjong, hidden objects, connect 3, other card games and more online games similar to Pacman, tennis and the likes. The best part is they are all FREE to play for hours of non-stop entertainment and relaxation.

Here are some of my favorite games from the website that you might want to try. So switch now to game mode and let’s have fun!

Golf Solitaire

There are 35 cards that are dealt with five in each of the seven columns on the Tableau, with an additional card on the Talon and the remaining 16 cards in the draw pile. The challenge is to get all cards into the Talon pile. Just like the usual solitaire, you can’t move a card that is covered by another card. You can turn-up another card from the deck and place it onto the Talon pile. To win, all cards need to be moved to the Talon pile. If you get stuck and can’t make another move, you lose! Well, you can try and try until you succeed. I won after a few tries and I kept on playing because it’s one great stress reliever.

Zuma Ball

There are 10 levels in this game where the goal is to hit and remove a finite ball chain by creating sets of 3 or more balls in a row to remove them from the chain. You should eliminate the chain before it gets to the end of the tunnel. You’re shooting accuracy will be put to a test.

Pirates and Treasures

I just love the look of this games where you have to find all the hidden objects inside a pirate ship. Just click the object that are identified missing under the panel below the game screen if you see them. It’s like treasure hunting without leaving the house.

Cookie Monster

I am a big fan of the Pacman video arcade game as a kid and how I wished that I have the game at home. Now, I can play it anytime via a similar game where I also need to eat all my enemies and the pellets (especially the ones that give me power) to move to the next level.   

Daily Word Search Puzzle

At the start of the game, you can choose your preferred grid size: 12×12, 14×14 or 16×16. The object of the puzzle is to look for the words listed on the left side of the panel and shade them. You win if all words are found.

These are just some of the games in and there are dozens of more that I haven’t played yet. Will definitely check them one by one after I finished all the levels of my current favorite games. For sure you’ll have your own list of games from this website of free online games for loads of fun and excitement. Come on let’s play!

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