Great Family Bonding Experience with Free Online Kids Cooking Game


The holiday season is at its peak and many people will take this opportunity to spend more quality time with their families.

However, due to the still ongoing health pandemic in different parts of the world, others might prefer to have their well-deserve Christmas break at the comfort of their homes.

Personally, as much as I want to book a hotel or have a family vacation outside the city, I will just prepare some fun activities with my son at home because safety is my main concern. Aside from our annual gift-giving and opening of presents on the 25th of December, we will flex our muscles for some simple workout, do some painting sessions and of course, have a family game night!

My wife asked me to look for a fun family bonding experience where we can also introduce and inspire our child to get into the art of cooking. That would be great if we will be able to teach our son how to prepare his meal through an enjoyable activity.  

Then I saw online which features a collection of more than 100 online games to help familiarize children with food, cooking, the culinary arts, the restaurant business and hospitality-related careers like farming and more. All the games are FREE and are easy to play which every member of the family, regardless of age, will definitely enjoy.

I browsed through the list of games offered by the website that help students have fun while learning in an interactive and entertaining environment and the first that caught my attention was the cooking and kitchen game called We Bare Bears Chocolate Artist. Our family just love these lovable cartoon characters.

The gameplay is user-friendly spiced up with manageable pressure as you get to higher levels. This is definitely one cute online game where the main objective is to serve customers by creating shapes and patterns that appears on the screen. You just have to be quick in using your mouse or a finger to serve incoming customers. Your kids will love this game that helps them do pattern match and develop motor skills.

Aside from We Bare Bears Chocolate Artist, there are other games that features popular cartoon characters that you and your kids surely adore. Here are some of those I played and had a great time spending with my kid:

Bugs Bunny Carrot Chase

In this vertically scrolling puzzle game, you are tasked to assist our favorite rabbit Bugs Bunny to collect as many carrots as he can while avoiding dangers along his way. You need to have a pair of sharp eyes as you use the arrow keys on your keyboard to guide Bugs overcome traps likes falling in holes, falling in the water, or getting hit by a train or facing the fearsome Tazmanian Devil. What a game I must say!

Tom & Jerry Chocolate Chase

Who wants a cat and mouse chase game? Well, I do! This is a side scrolling fun-filled running game where you need to help Jerry get as much chocolate cookies as he can while avoiding borders that slows him down. You need to make sure Tom will not catch him or its game over.  Make Jerry run as fast as he can and get the charge meter fully powered to outlast the pesky feline.

DC Super Hero Girls Food Fight

What mom and dad won’t allow their kids to do, they can do it on this game— food fight! Many fighting games are too violent even for adults so this is a tamer alternative where you choose which super hero you want to play and win. You can be Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Zatanna, Green Lantern, or Bumblebee in your quest to overcome villains like Harley Quinn in best of 3 battle matches. A super game you should not miss.

Scooby Doo Doo Good Food Frenzy

If you are a big fan of the arcade game Pacman, this is something that should be in your radar. Inspired by the 80s mega hit game, this online challenge will let you play as Scooby Doo who needs to harvest vegetables from the garden to help feed others. Don’t miss those Scooby Snacks to gain super powers which will allow you to break through walls as you run for cover from the monster that will be chasing you. This will take your breath away in a good way.

Indeed, is a gem that I found online and I am pretty sure you will also discover in this website the right games for you, your loved ones and friends for countless hours of fun and excitement. Hope you can share your experience, too!

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