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Even while working work from home, your oral hygiene should not be sacrifice. Of course no one will notice that you have not brushed your teeth or gargled while attending your Zoom meeting but the germs will definitely have a feast inside your mouth.

That’s why, having a reliable mouthwash comes handy specially if if wake up late for an early morning virtual meet-up with a client.

Now here’s a good news to fellow working class: celebrate Oral Health Month with 1+1 deals on Februrary 24 with Listerine, only on Shopee’s Brand Spotlight!

In this one day exclusive, you can get Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash 1L + FREE 750ml and Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 1L + FREE 750ml

Start protecting your mouth with Listerine 24-Hour Complete Mouth defense. Mouth problems even if you brush daily? You are a victim of mouth germs. Brushing isnt enough – it cleans only 25% of the mouth. You don’t have to worry as Listerine now comes in 1L together with a Free 750mL bottle for longer lasting use.

It is proven that Listerine kills 99.9% of germs and gives 24-Hour Complete mouth defense against germs that cause cavities, plaque, and gum problems, with regular use vs. brushing alone. Plus! Listerine also comes in ZERO alcohol/ no sting variants.

Go get this special deal only today!

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