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hand_and_mouseA decade ago, people have to go to the malls or shops to buy products for home or the office. Businessmen need to find a place to put up their stores for their products. Job seekers’ only option to hunt for work is to buy newspapers or go to job fairs.

Today, these things are still being practiced but there are better alternatives that are more convenient and hassle-free— going online!

“Over 33 million Filipinos access the Internet regularly to study, shop, search for ideas, opportunities, create new businesses, and connect to each other. And Internet use is set to grow exponentially. Research indicates that number of Filipinos online will have nearly doubled by 2016!” said Julian Persaud, Managing Director of Google in Southeast Asia.

It was revealed during the 8th International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications (ADMA 2012) that Filipinos spend nearly a day or an average of 21.5 hours a week on the Internet.  This is to back up the fact that the Philippines is the second top Internet user in Southeast Asia, 6th in Asia and the 17th in the world, according to Internet World statistics.

The Philippines is the fastest-growing smartphone market for Southeast Asia. Smartphones account for 30 percent of all mobile phones sold in the country.  Thus, it is safe to say that the trend now is going online.

Just recently, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, one of the leading newspapers in country launched two new websites that aim to help every Filipino maximize the use of the internet in their daily lives. What’s good about this is their services are FREE.

Looking for a trusted website where you can find the best deals in the country. Check out Pinoy Best Deals. It offers free posting for products from individual sellers, SMEs and big companies. The team behind the website guarantees that transactions are safe with the security measures that they incorporated in the site.

Pinoy Best Deals

For those who are looking for jobs or a better career path, Job Market Online contains a database of the hottest job openings and career opportunities. There are also tips and information available to those who are in need of some guide in job hunting. What’s different about this job ads site is that postings are made sure to be updated on a regular basis to guarantee that all posted job openings are still available.

Job Market Online

What’s good about the two sites is that they have links to to easily access the latest news in and out of the country while browse through the great information from the new web portals. The good news is, the two websites are open to guest bloggers to have their posts/ articles be featured in their sites. The idea is you need to post an article related or will interest working people in your blog and then send the link to them. But of course, you have to feature their websites in your blog/s in return.  And who knows, this could open more opportunities for you like writing assignments from them in the future.

Kindly contact Mr. Jesse Francis Rebustillo, Head of the Classified Ads Section of PDI, for more details  through his email address:

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