Coaching Yourself to Cope Better: Singing Tips that also Apply to Pandemic Life


Singing has always been one of the most powerful ways of self-expression. We sing when we are happy, we sing when we are sad, we sing whenever we want to celebrate something or just to feel alive.  

These, and many other reasons, is why this hobby has taken the spotlight during the pandemic that we are facing. Grand Videoke—a top provider of home entertainment systems—is one to specifically advocate on the power of singing and self-expression bringing together a community of music lovers and performing artists.  

“We’ve always equated videoke or karaoke as being a social thing,” explains Jin Cortez, Grand Videoke Marketing OIC which is under the Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC). “But it’s not just that. We have to go back to the soul of singing—which is about expressing ourselves. That’s something that we all need right now when everything feels so restricted.” 

Grand Videoke is specifically encouraging all passionate singers out there to continue their love for singing at home. In light of several instances in the past or just recently wherein people were called out after gathering for videoke sessions, the premium home entertainment system promises to provide the same experience that singing brings to everyone while keeping safe at home. 

The singing partner, in particular, comes with innovative features like the Perfect Pitch System that can elevate your performance. The feature provides Real Time Feedback to guide you through the song and even scores you according to Key/Rhythm, Vibrato, Upband, & Downband factors at the end of every performance. It’s like having your very own singing coach! 

Grand Videoke enjoins in its growing singing community some of the most distinguished theatre performers to share their insights and viewpoints as though each is like both a singing and a life coach. These three big names are all seasoned artists who consider singing as a big part of their lives—Reb Atadero who is known for playing Hector from the Musical “Ang Huling El Bimbo” and a 2017 Best Actor Nominee for his work in “Almost, Maine;” Phi Ramos who has both appeared in theatre and TV shows like “My Fair Lady” and “On The Wings Of Love;” and Nar Cabico, a Texas-based theatre actor and Best Actor winner for the film “Akin ang Korona.” 

In addition to just giving singing tips, however, Reb, Phi, and Nar also provided important pointers that everyone can effectively apply during the pandemic. Below are some of them that show just how similar expressing yourself is to living your life well:  

1. From Coach Reb:  

Reb Atadero

“It’s not all about sounding good. It’s about the way you affect your listeners and figure out why the words are written that way—and kung ano ba ang meaning sa’yo ng kantang ito.”  

“Always find the joy in your singing. Singing is a source of happiness. If you as a singer can find the joy in what you’re doing, or in the process of learning a new song, then you’ll be in a good place.”  

The takeaway? Yes, we might be living through tough times right now, but make an effort to find happiness within yourself—and enjoy it. You don’t need to be perfect in whatever it is you do, whether it be a new hobby or something you just love doing. If you enjoy it, then that is all that matters.  

2. From Coach Phi:  

Phi Palmos

“Always treat the songs as monologues. Parang mga linya sa pelikula. Because songs are stories. You have to go through its journey.”  

“Don’t take anything for granted. Make this moment count. Make it special for you.” 

While all of us might be wishing that things will be better soon enough, we have to make every moment count. Do what your heart is singing for you to do and live through every moment so you can stand stronger at the end of this chapter.  

3. From Coach Nar:  

Nar Cabico

“Own the song. Forget about the artist because the song is yours. Take it.” 

In a time when the news can get overwhelming, find your peace, and own it. Give yourself the space to enjoy things by yourself without any pressure from the opinions of others.  

These tips show that no matter what difficulties we are facing, there is always something to look forward to if you let passion take center stage. If you’re wanting to express yourself better through the art of singing, you can visit the Grand Videoke website to browse their products.  

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