Spread Paw-Sitivity and Extend Help to Cats and Dogs in need


With all the unimaginable things that have happened and life’s disruptions continue to unfold, some people feel helpless and accept whatever comes along their way.

2020 perhaps is the most challenging year ever faced by this generation. From the ongoing pandemic to the numerous calamities, we just want to make a shout out to the universe and ask when does the hurting stop.

But despite of the difficulties, the human spirit exudes resilience and finds joy from the small victories that we can achieve each day. Many of us feel blessed with the comfort of our family and loved ones including our fur babies, of course.

Speaking about our fur babies, they too deserve to be in your Christmas list for the coming holidays. For dog lovers like me, if you’re looking for gift suggestions for your pet pooch, give your trust to the brand that become synonymous to dog food, Pedigree.

The good news is that Pedigree is on sale via Shopee. The holiday season is the time for giving and that spirit definitely extends to our pets too!

Today, November 15, the Pedigree Store brings to you Spread Paw-Sitivity, one great day to treat our pets while at the same time we can also extend help to other pets in need being housed at the Animal Kingdom Foundation shelter.

The storewide sale offers discounts as high as 35% off and exciting flash sales for as low as Php 1!

The best thing about this is that 10% of the total sales accumulated for the day shall be converted as pet food and be donated to Animal Kingdom Foundation. This campaign aims to raise 10,000 food bowls to make an even brighter Christmas for the fur babies who also deserves a Merry Christmas.

Prior to the sale today, I already have some dog treats delivered to me and would like to share my “grocery list” for our pet dog Rescue:

IAMS 450g Small Breed (P170)
IAMS 450g Puppy (P170)
PED Puppy Beef 400g (P108)
PED Mini Beef 400g (P108)

Rodeo (P90)
Meat Jerky (P78)
PED Simmered Beef 130g (P33)
PED Liver Loaf 130g (P33)
Cesar (P72)

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