A new perspective in laundry— Front Load Washing by Midea



Most Filipinos have gotten used to doing their laundry with a top load washing machine and rarely do they get a chance to try front load washing. While top load and front load washing machines do not have much of a difference in terms of performing well in doing the laundry, the difference rests on the added benefits that a front load washing machine may give to its consumers. It may cost a bit more than the conventional top load washing machines, but it makes up for it with the savings it gives on water and electricity.

Midea, the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer appliances, has a lineup of front load washing machines that Filipino families may enjoy having into their homes. These home friendly solutions offered by Midea are easy to use and consume just the right amount of water in every wash, rinse, and dry cycle, much like Midea’s Front Load Washer. It could have as much as 70% water savings on a complete cycle by using its Daily Wear setting. It only consumes 43L of water which is equivalent to Php 1. With the same setting, it only consumes 1278kWh of electrical consumption which is equivalent to just Php 2 and it ensures less fabric deterioration and damage.

The Front Load Washer could be paired with the Front Load Dryer and with its space saving feature, its surface can be used as a counter top. The dryer will come very convenient during rainy days because there is no need for sunshine and a clothesline to dry the clothes. It also makes it very friendly to those who are living in condominiums and ensures that clothes will always smell fresh. It could dry clothes in as fast as 40 minutes and consumers will only spend Php 10 in electrical consumption.

Midea’s iAdd Washing Machine would probably be the most user friendly front load washers in the lineup because of its top-of-the-line features that make doing laundry easier and worry-free. Its main feature is the iAdd Auto-Dosing Technology, the first of its kind here in the Philippines, which has an intelligent weighing system that regulates the amount of detergent and fabric softener depending on the weight of the laundry. This takes away the stress from monitoring whether there is too much or too little detergent and fabric softener while washing.

iAdd Washing Machine’s IntelliClean feature has 208 washing solutions for better cleaning, without having to worry about the setting of the cycle. Its Smart Save Inverter motor on the other hand reduces electrical consumption of up to 62% for a quick wash cycle. It also has an Auto Dryer Sensor that runs the ideal drying setting for the clothes, saving time, electricity, and saving clothes from over drying and shrinking.

With Midea’s lineup of Front Load Washers along with its features that are definitely friendly on  clothes, easy to use, and time and money-saving on every wash, Filipinos will not have to worry about their laundry and they will have fresh clothes to wear every time.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at http://midea.com.ph and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.

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