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Refrigerator units have seen drastic improvements over the last decade. What your mom used to own may look similar on the outside but what is inside may no longer match the technology of the recent models.  Whether it’s your first time buying a refrigerator or replacing the old clunker you have, careful consideration needs to be taken before making your purchase. Refrigerators are long-term appliance investments and taking the time to study the features and how they fit your needs will help you enjoy this big purchase in the next few years.

Phillip Trapaga, General Manager of Midea Philippines expresses, “The advantage of updating your home appliances is that you also get to enjoy technologies that better suit the standards of your modern lifestyle. With our lifestyles changing, it is normal to expect our technologies to keep up with them.”

First thing to consider when shopping for a new refrigerator is its electric consumption. Old fridges may use up to more than twice the energy of a new model. This means electricity is not being used efficiently and leads to higher utility bills.

“Appliances operating at lower energy rates are now very popular among homeowners because of the heightened awareness about the country’s current power situation,” says Trapaga. He continues, “Still, these consumers still look for quality and features that can meet their high standards.”

The French Door Refrigerator from global appliance manufacturer Midea is a good example of how energy efficiency meets quality. This home partner cuts down on electrical consumption by almost half than the conventional refrigerator, making it friendly to electric bills.

Innovative refrigerator models keep food fresh for a longer period of time compared to old fridges. Equipped with High Moisture Retention Technology, Midea French Door Refrigerator maintains an optimum level of humidity that keeps food fresh for a longer period of time. This is complemented by the Multi-airflow System which makes sure the temperature in each compartment is uniform.  Additionally, this model from Midea has a UV light feature called the Photocatalytic Degradation Technology which aids in the breakdown of pesticides found in fruits and vegetables, making them safer for consumption. At the same time it’s also equipped with Photosynthetic Preservation Technology which replicates the natural environment of fruits and veggies prolonging their lifespan.

Be on the look-out for special features that only recent units have. Midea’s French Door Refrigerator’s Ice Maker and Japanese Ag+ filter block which purifies the water, ensuring in clear ice cubes ready in the freezer.

The size of the fridge which mainly depends on the needs of your family should also be taken into consideration. With new and clever designs of the new models, you can store up to a month-worth of supplies which means less trips to the grocery.

Midea’s French Door Refrigerator can fit up to 20 baskets of groceries. Social butterflies who love throwing parties will also be pleased with its roomy interiors which can accommodate large platters, trays, and serving dishes. Its two doors that open in the middle also double as shelf space for condiments and canned drinks.

Aesthetics should never be compromised for quality and efficiency. Midea makes sure that all its appliances fit into modern homes with their tasteful and stylish designs. The Midea French Door Refrigerator’s stainless steel design adds a sophisticated touch to any kitchen layout.

Trapaga concludes, “This is the advantage of modern appliances. They are designed with the consumer in mind, but on a more personal level. They are not just home appliances anymore but more of life partners.”

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