Cuore: A Bistro and a Lounge in one



There’s a new “it” place in Makati that has become a haven for people who are looking for great food and a perfect place to spend the night with your family and friends in the midst of the busy city.

Cuore Bistro & Social Lounge serves happy-hearty comfort food influenced by international cuisines, travels and the founders’ personal favorites. It serves salads, pastas, calzones and brick-oven pizzas to name a few. A full bar completes the dining destination.

The ambiance is a mix of elegant and industrial, with cool color tones of mainly blue and gray to give that cozy vibe. The furniture is mostly wood to give a warm body to the space. It is the perfect space for any kind of bonding time and social events.

Cuore is a Bistro and a Social Lounge in one. The feel of Cuore is homey, familiar yet personal, and undoubtedly welcoming. It’s perfect for intimate dinners, chill night outs, group dinners or some alone time. Their Rockstar servers add warmth and personal connection to the place by being sociable, friendly yet reliable as professionals. 

Visitors will get a taste of International cuisines and put in with personal touches to give it a twist and memorable-factor. Beautifully plated and curated with refreshing flavors, the dishes are definitely made to make one feel oh-so good.

Cuore food

  • SALADS  are made with fresh salad greens and other ingredients. The dressings are homemade and infused with a variety of flavors.
  • SOUPS are creamy and full flavored, using only the best ingredients. Every bowl of soup is crafted with love and care by skilled kitchen staff. It’ll definitely remind you of the comfort that hot soups bring on chilly nights.
  • BRUNCH selections are full-plated, energy boosting dishes comprising of crowd favorites such as bacon, eggs, and the Filipino favorite beef tapa to name a few! Perfect day-starters!
  • DIRTY CALZONES is Cuore’s take on the traditional Italian dish from Naples! Their Calzones are made with the idea that it’s okay to get your hands dirty when enjoying a folded pizza loaded with stuffed goodness inside. Vegetarian option for this dish is available.
  • PASTA choices vary from light to heavy, with both oil-based and cream-based sauces available. Cuore offers classic favorites such as pesto, carbonara and aglio olio, as well as unique flavors that cater to the more adventurous palate such as our stroganoff pasta and chorizo pasta.
  • BRICK-OVEN PIZZAS  are carefully made with ingredients that have the right amount of flavors that go well with the smoky taste that you get from cooking with a brick-oven. Cheesy, flavorful and satisfying.
  • BAR CHOWS are always delicious whether you pair with an alcoholic beverage or as a stand-alone meal. Aside from this, they also offer platters of various cured hams and cheeses for those perfect wine nights.
  • DESSERTS choices made with love. Their cinnamon drizzled churros with salted caramel and ice cream is a must-try!
  • COFFEE selection includes Americano, Caffe Latte, Cappuccino and Espresso using Danesi coffee beans. Perfect for brunches, meetings and afternoon breaks.

So if you are looking for a new meeting venue, or date night place, or your private space for celebrations! Cuore is a place worth considering. For reservation inquiries, please email or call 5465789.

Cuore Bistro & Social Lounge is located at Unit 1-C Valdelcon building, # street, 20 Jupiter, Makati City.

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