Yehuda Berg and the Kabbalah


People around the globe are waking up to realize that a whole universe exists beyond the physical. In fact the realm of the mystical is commonly referred to in daily conversation, in media and entertainment. The practical tools of Kabbalah are increasingly becoming pertinent for people in all walks of life: We are all seeking ways to see a bigger picture, make better decisions, and participate in a spiritual path that is inclusive of everyone.

Who is Yehuda Berg?

Yehuda Berg is the son of Rav and Karen Berg. As Co-Director of The Kabbalah Centre, he is part of a long lineage of kabbalistic masters. Yehuda, a bestselling author in the field of spirituality, has written more than 30 books on topics ranging from self-empowerment and depression, to relationships. He also authored commentary and kabbalistic explanation on the Bible. Two of his bestselling books, The Power of Kabbalah and The 72 Names of God, have been translated into 20 and 14 languages respectively, and he also created a transformational 23-day audio package, The Living Kabbalah System. His daily emails and Facebook insights, known as “tune ups,” are read by over 250,000 fans. In 2009, the GQ Magazine Gentleman’s Fund honored him for being an Agent of Change in the field of education. Based in Los Angeles, Yehuda lectures internationally, delivering deep and complex kabbalistic concepts in a simplified way that is applicable to daily life. Like the kabbalists before him, Yehuda is committed to world peace. It is with this goal in mind that he travels internationally meeting with world leaders to set up a spiritual platform for peace.

 What Is Kabbalah?

As taught by The Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah is a universal wisdom that predates the Bible or religion, and can be studied by anyone regardless of their faith or path. Presenting the wisdom from a lineage of kabbalalists, The Kabbalah Centre provides a course of study that describes the origin of Creation, the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, including human existence and the journey of the soul. On a literal level, the word kabbalah means “receiving.” It’s the study of how to receive true fulfillment in life. All of the teachings of The Kabbalah Centre are found in ancient kabbalistic texts such as the Zohar. The inner understanding of these foundational texts has been passed down directly from teacher to student over the course of 4000 years.

 Ten Spiritual Principles Of Kabbalah Taught At The Kabbalah Centre

Acquire wisdom. Wisdom comes from deep understanding combined with an expanded perspective. It is an awareness of the bigger picture coupled with the ability to connect the dots. Wisdom leads to discernment and is followed by an application. Wisdom requires control of emotional reactions so that consciousness prevails to determine one’s actions. As Kabbalah teaches, there are no random acts: There is cause and effect. Wisdom means understanding the rules of the universe and having them work for you.

Take full responsibility. Responsibility is a result of being fully engaged. It’s about making a decision based on seeing the whole picture, the good and the bad, and the possible future repercussions of our actions, even if it’s not comfortable to look at right now. If we choose to not see beyond what suits us in the moment, then whatever pain or disappointment we experience in the future is our own doing. It will be our challenge to deal with and overcome. And, if we are not fully aware of the whole picture, then we should choose to not engage at all. This is true responsibility. Responsibility precedes freedom of choice.

 Know and challenge your own ego. Ego is the loud(er) voice in our head; the voice that directs us to become attached to our own fragmented and passionate opinions. Ego wants things to be black and white, right and wrong. It wants us to claim that we are everything or that we are nothing. This voice inside us triggers judgment, control, anger, pride, and even hatred. It’s the source of our chaos. Cultivate an awareness that the force of ego exists within and seek out how it shows up, because any decision made from ego will lead to problems. Before making a decision, check-in and see where the ego is hiding. If it’s directing our movement, then listen for the softer voice of true guidance.

 Be energized by obstacles and see them as opportunities for growth. Greatness is not determined by what is achieved but rather by what is overcome. The bigger the obstacle, the brighter the lesson. In sports, when someone breathes down our neck, we speed up and leave them in the dust. In life, challenges can come in the form of people or from situations that carve us to be our best. Consider a diamond: Without pressure it remains just a piece of coal. We can use all of our spiritual tools to take on the obstacles before us and step up to greatness by becoming who we were born to be.

 Accept your imperfection and the imperfection of others. Imperfections that we see in ourselves and in the world around us are part of God’s plan. Everything was made flawed so humanity can actively work toward co-creating a world that is perfect. When we hide our flaws, we settle and don’t strive toward making things better. Creating a universe that is perfect is our destiny. The moment we embark on this journey to perfect our flaws our transformation begins.

 Know your power and use it. We all have power and influence. Every person makes an impact, and everything is connected on different levels of reality. “The Butterfly Effect” refers to the idea that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can initiate the formation of a tornado in Texas—much like the chain reaction of the Domino Effect. Similarly, with one small action we can create a mountain—for better or worse.

 Never give up because it’s never too late. It’s never too late to make a change. We are never too bad; the situation is never too dark; and the world is never too far gone. The universe will conspire to help us when we step up to the plate. The difficulties we face and the imperfections that are part of us are not meant to keep us down; they are meant to push us forward. There is no challenge too great. We can always change.

 Sharing. Sharing is the purpose of life and the only way to truly receive fulfillment. When individuals share, they connect to the force of energy that Kabbalah calls the Light—the Infinite Source of Goodness, the Divine Force, the Creator. By sharing, one can overcome ego—the force of negativity.

 We are all One. Every human being has within him- or herself a spark of the Creator that binds each and every person into one totality. This understanding informs us of the spiritual precept that every human being must be treated with dignity at all times, under any circumstances. Individually, everyone is responsible for war and poverty in all parts of the world and individuals cannot enjoy true and lasting fulfillment as long as others are suffering.

Becoming uncomfortable for the sake of helping others taps us into a spiritual dimension that ultimately brings Light and positivity to our lives.


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