Teleperformance in the Philippines honored with 6th consecutive Great Place to Work® award


For six straight years, Teleperformance (TP) has proven again why it is a multi-awarded top employer in the Philippines when it has once again been named as a Great Place to Work® (GPTW).

On August 24, employees and leaders gathered at the TP Ayala site for “Celebrate 6reatness,” a kick-off event for the company’s sixth GPTW® recertification.

Teleperformance Philippines first received the prestigious award in 2018, and this year marks the sustained streak of Teleperformance as the first and longest GPTW®-certified company in the Philippines and the IT-BPM industry.

GPTW®’s workforce study, backed by the researchers behind theFortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, gathered feedback from hundreds of thousands of employees across the Philippines.

Evaluating the policies, practices, and programs of Teleperformance through a Trust Index Survey, a data-based model that gathered the workplace experiences of over 50,000 employees, the 2023 GPTW® certification results showed that the company continues to enjoy the confidence and trust of its people. All the departments, encompassing different gender identity groups, had an above minimum Trust Index score for the organization.

“A great place to work is one where people trust that we’re constantly in the process of getting better. No employer is perfect—no employer will ever be perfect—but as long as we’re on the journey of getting better together—that’s what makes a great place to work,” said Chief People Officer and Chief of Staff Jeffrey Johnson.

Underscoring the importance of sustaining the company’s high-trust, high-performance culture,

Chief Executive Officer and Country Head Francisco “Sisco” Lara also delivered encouraging words to the team.

Winning for the sixth time is not an easy task. We are not perfect, but we’re working every day to get there. The GPTW® recertification affirms that our practice of mutual trust and respect is working. It is working precisely because we listen to what our people say. Even when it’s uncomfortable, we listen and do everything we can to make people’s experience at Teleperformance twice, thrice as good,” said Lara.

Living up to its “Great Place to Work” reputation, Teleperformance successfully navigated the challenges of the pandemic by implementing a range of people-focused solutions in the past few years, including the Cloud Campus and the TPVac program. These initiatives ensured the safety of both brick-and-mortar and work-from-home (WFH) employees while empowering them to effectively contribute to the company’s operations.

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