P&G’s Kristine Tang: Chief Marketing Officer of the Year at APAC Tambuli Awards 2023

(L-R) Gina Lorenzana (Board Member Century Pacific, Tambuli CMO winner (2016)), Kristine Tang (P&G Philippines VP for Marketing, Tambuli CMO winner (2023)) and Margot B. Torres  (Managing Director, McDonald’s Philippines, the First Tambuli CMO of the Year winner (2011)).

A big win for Procter & Gamble Philippines!

Kristine Tang, P&G Philippines’ Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), has been recognized as the “Chief Marketing Officer of the Year” at the esteemed Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards last 6 June 2023. This recognition celebrates Kristine’s notable leadership in transforming P&G’s multi-million dollar brands into a powerful Force for Growth and a Force for Good in the Philippines and Asia.

Starting from her hometown of Bicol, Kristine began her P&G journey in 2006 as an Assistant Brand Manager where she showcased her exceptional leadership skills by spearheading Tide Philippines’ remarkable growth. Through her strategic approach, she implemented campaigns that emphasized both the superiority of Tide’s whiteness and its value-driven benefits such as the “Tide Challenge” which became instrumental in the brand’s holistic turnaround, resulting in growth across all business and equity measures. 

During her time as Regional Brand Manager for Downy, Kristine led successful marketing programs that resulted in Downy Asia Pacific’s highest-ever growth across Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

In 2018, Kristine led Joy Japan’s “Job to Joy” campaign that uncovered the unspoken insight that females wanted for couples to support each other physically and mentally. By tapping into this consumer insight, the campaign transformed the burdensome job into more than just the wives’ job into one equally shared by the couple, so they have more joyful lives together. It also led to double-digit growth for the brand while also championing equality and inclusion in a traditionally patriarchal society.

Coming back home as the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble Philippines in 2020, Kristine led P&G Philippines’ brands Safeguard, Ariel, Head & Shoulders and Joy to support the Department of Health’s “BIDA Solusyon sa COVID-19” prevention campaign, by transforming it into memorable music marketing education campaign that was upbeat and empowering amid a clutter of somber advertising. The campaign educated and empowered families to be responsible for practicing key home hygiene habits to help keep their homes and families safe. Simultaneously, it proved to be a Force for Growth by driving business success in a zero-mobility and contracting economic environment.

With a remarkable 16-year track record in the industry, Kristine Tang is not only a highly experienced brand builder but also an expansive business leader. As the leader of P&G’s half a billion Fabric & Home Care (F&HC) business, she demonstrated exceptional resilience and adaptability by successfully pivoting the business during and after the pandemic. Her strategic vision and innovative approaches have propelled the brand to new heights, fostering continued growth and success. 

On top of building brands, Kristine is also building a new set of future marketers and industry leaders.  She coaches and develops the best brand building talent in the Philippines and across Asia – from new hires to senior brand leaders.

“It is an honor for me to receive the Chief Marketing Officer of the Year recognition from the Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards. This is a testament to the collective effort and dedication of P&G to serve our consumers while also developing future industry leaders. I firmly believe that businesses have the power and responsibility to create a meaningful impact on the economy and the society by being a Force for Growth and a Force for Good,” said Kristine Tang.

APAC Tambuli Awards recognizes businesses and brands that champion purpose and create a significant impact in the lives of people, drive business growth, and contribute to the common good of society.

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