Simple ways to use technology to save money


Another year is about to end and this is the right time to reflect on what went right or wrong and what are the things that you can improve in the next 12 months.

One aspect worth revisiting is your spending habits. Do still need to avail certain products and services that you regularly pay or are there some that you can discontinue? Are you looking for some ways to save money? If those questions have crossed your mind, you can try some simple ways to use technology to save money which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Use apps to make voice calls – With apps like Messenger, Viber, Facetime and the likes, you can save the cost on making voice calls by using Wi-Fi connection. Plus! There are a lot more of free apps available for your phone and gadgets to reach out, stay connected or communicate with loved ones and friends.

Invest on energy-efficient appliances – If you are planning to replace appliances such as TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, and other items that add up the cost of your electricity bill, better consider getting the ones that are energy-efficient to help you save money and energy and at the same time help protect the environment as you enhance your lifestyle.

Cut back on monthly subscriptions – You might not be realizing it yet but you should check if all your subscriptions to entertainment streaming services are being maximized or they just pile up as additional bills to pay every month. You can either choose to keep only the ones that you regularly use or downgrade to lower payment plans.

Consider downloading eBooks – For all the bookworms out there, aside from saving spaces that actual books would occupy, you might want to check first if there are digital versions of the books or magazines that you are planning to buy.  A copy will only cost you as low as .99 cents or sometimes you can even download them absolutely for free.

Date at home – The holiday rush is in full swing so if you are planning a romantic date, why not set-up a candle night dinner for two in your apartment to avoid the traffic jam and pricey restaurant meals. Watch your favorite movie together online and order the best food you can find in the food delivery app.

With all the savings that you can get, you should be wiser in managing any amount of money that you have whether you will invest them or keep them in the bank. To help you in keeping track and calculating the money that you will save, there are online resources like that also allows you to create a growth of savings over time.

You can use the different calculators in the website, whether it is for certificate of deposits (CDs), college education or retirement planning, to quickly figure out how much money you will have saved up during a specific investment period.  Just input the amount and the calculator will provide how much money you will have saved up before applicable taxes, how much income tax you will owe and how much money would remain after inflation is considered.

With a well-planned management of your money and investments along with ways on how to save up for any of your goals using technology and innovations readily available, a brighter future for you and your family is clearer and attainable.

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