Monsour Del Rosario, Raffy Tulfo, and General Guillermo Eleazar receive strong support from Isabela province


As the election day comes near, Senatorial candidates Monsour Del Rosario, Raffy Tulfo, and Gen. Guillermo Eleazar  have joined forces in their campaign, championing their common goal to serve the Filipino people. Dubbed the “New Idols of the Senate,” the trio appeared together in a grand held on May 5 in Cauayan, Isabela – Tulfo’s hometown.

Although considered newbies in the Senate, Del Rosario, Tulfo, and Eleazar have all made huge contributions to society. Each carrying an impressive track record, credibility, and incorruptible image.

Monsour Del Rosario has been in public service for nine years. After leaving showbiz in the late ‘90s, he served as a councilor in District 1 of Makati City for six years, until becoming a congressman from 2016 to 2018. During his three-year-term in the 17th Congress, he passed 292 house bills and resolutions, including the Telecommuting Act, better known as Work From Home Law, which became very useful to many Filipinos workers when the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in 2020.

“Monsour gave honor to our country way back in 1988. He is an Olympian. Apart from that, he became a member of the 17th Congress so he has experience as a legislator,” said Tulfo, who also called Del Rosario “fearless” when it comes to defending the rights of the people against those who trample on them.

Meanwhile, through his radio and television programs as well as his Youtube channel, Raffy Tulfo has helped thousands of ordinary Filipinos. From cracking down on abusive employers, corrupt government officials, and even disputes between neighbors or relatives, Tulfo helps bring people to the right place so that their problems can be solved and they can receive justice.

Guillermo Eleazar, on the other hand, proved his courage and integrity in his decades of service to the people as a policeman. In 2021, Eleazar became Chief of the Philippine National Police and received the Philippine Legion of Honor, one of the highest levels of honor in the country. In his bid for the Senate, Eleazar wants to continue his quest to curb crime and intensify peace and order in the country to help our economy grow.

“If we all get into Magic 12 of the senate, I will be thrilled to work with Raffy Tulfo and Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, who I know have a sincere heart and mind for public service. They’ve helped so many Filipinos as a broadcaster and as a policeman, respectively, so I know they can do even more in the senate. Together we will continue what I started when I was still in congress and we will fight for the rights and welfare of every Filipino. I thank the people of Isabela for welcoming Team Monsour with open arms, ”said Del Rosario.

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