Honosan calls for another People Power


 Senator Gringo Honasan (Ryan San Juan - Team Gringo)

While heated debates and mudslinging s among political candidates are happening just about in any part of the Philippines today, another hot issue, figuratively and literally, continues to boil and affect the lives of many Filipinos — the harmful effects of climate change.

The damage to crops and livelihood to thousands of farmers is no secret due to the unfriendly weather. Millions of Filipinos are experiencing scorching heat every day.  The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) reported that last Sunday (April 17), they recorded a temperature of 37.7 degrees Celsius in Metro Manila, the highest in NCR so far this year.  Although it is still a couple of notches far from the 39.6 degrees Celsius recorded in Isabela in Luzon last April 14, the harmful sunray still brings inconvenience in the daily lives of the people in the metro.

Checking the record books, the hottest temperature in Metro Manila was recorded on May 14, 1987 at 38.5 degrees Celsius.  The hottest temperature ever recorded in the country was in Tuguegarao, Cagayan at 42.2 degrees Celsius on May 11, 1969.

Now the big question is how do we deal with effects of climate change which has brought numerous natural disasters not only in our country but also to many parts of the world?

Senator Gringo Honasan, a principal player of the 1986 EDSA revolution as one of the leaders of the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) that broke away from the martial law government, is now calling for another “battle” for the future of this country.

Honasan, a Vice Presidential candidate in the coming national election, suggested, “We must develop a people power that will create more public awareness in climate change.” 

He added that Filipinos are capable of uniting for a single goal and achieving major changes. Below is here complete statement on the issue of climate change.

“We’ve done it in the past so why not do it again? The government, together with our people should be united in fighting this phenomenon because it directly affects the livelihood and the humanity as a whole. 

We should prepare and do everything to lessen the impact of climate change in our country by pushing and promoting renewable energy – solar, wind and possibly wave technology as source of power. 

Protection for our environment can be our legacy. I authored several environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act, Solid Waste Management Act and even the Climate Change Act. It all pertains to the preservation and restoration of the environment.”

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