JobStreet: Is upskilling worth it?


Is it really ne to invest on upskilling to cope with the disruptions brought about by the global health crisis?

With lockdown measures enforced at the onset of the pandemic, online learning has shown a significant growth as many look for ways to improve themselves personally and professionally while staying at home. As digitization emerges in different spaces and with different industries expanding or contracting during the pandemic, it is important to keep up with the trends and constantly take inventory of the skills you need in order to adapt to these changes.

Due to this, numerous online learning platforms have emerged, offering a wide variety of course options for nearly any skill you need to master. According to JobStreet’s Decoding Global Talent Survey, more online courses are available today as compared to the past. The proportion of people who use online learning platforms as their way of learning has jumped substantially by 58% in 2020.

So why is upskilling prominent now more than ever? Leading online job portal, JobStreet, shares their take on online learning and the reason as to why it is worth considering.

Beefs up your credentials

While online learning is not a requirement, it could give you an advantage as it can make you more marketable or relevant in your existing job and role. Having it reflected on your resume will show that you are not only ambitious but you are committed to your own personal development and career.

JobStreet Senior Human Resources Officer, Kristel Mae Jalotjot said that most employers continue to assess applicants based on their experience and behavior but having certifications from online courses in a resume is definitely a plus, especially if it helps them perform the job that they are applying for.

“Take advantage of professional development opportunities such as conferences, training, certifications or additional degrees. While there are no guarantees, online learning can help you in strengthening your position within your current company. It can also help you in building your skill set in case you need, or decide to explore new opportunities,” she added.

Career advancement and security

According to Forbes Magazine, one of the biggest reasons why people want to take online courses is for the purpose of career development. Employees can be able to ensure the future of their career by expanding their knowledge and skill set which can also be their stepping stone for every career opportunity that arises.

The flexibility of online courses provides you the chance to learn without compromising on your career, it can also give limitless opportunities that can enable you to step up in the workforce and help progress your career with greater confidence.

The pandemic isn’t an easy time for anyone, but there can be an upside to social distancing and self-isolation — use this time to harness your existing skill sets and learn new ones that will help you in not only securing your career but advancing it.

To maximize your online learning experience, JobStreet recommends taking online courses relevant to Digitalization & Automation, IT & Technology, Management, and Social Care.

“New developments are constantly emerging in different spaces. In order to keep up with the times, you need to learn about these developments and further hone your existing skills in specified areas to be future-ready,” shared JobStreet Country Manager Philip Gioca.

With the massive amount of learning materials now available at your fingertips, you can pick up nearly any skill that will guide you in future-proofing your career.

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