JobStreet warns against job scams


Jobseekers be aware and beware of job scams!

Messaging apps and other social media platforms have become an alternative way for job seekers to find employment opportunities. However, along with convenience come certain challenges, such as deceit and fraud.

To take further action against online job scams, online job platform JobStreet by SEEK has rolled out #ProjectCombat, a regional educational campaign that directly tackles the important signs to look out for during your job search. The digital initiative aims to educate job seekers by equipping them with the essential knowledge needed to distinguish legitimate job ads from fake online job offers.

JobStreet recognizes that there has been a significant rise in baneful scam alerts that job seekers have been receiving particularly via messaging apps. Fraudsters have become more creative in their tactics, disseminating more sophisticated job ads with lucrative salary offers in order to lure applicants. These schemes result in phishing, identity theft, swindling, and more.

According to JobStreet, the top sign that a job listing is fake is when an applicant is being persuaded to send money to proceed with the application. Other common red flags of online job scams typically involve generic messages that don’t include the applicant’s identifiable information, vague offers by companies that you never applied for, and no company email address, website, or other information that can be cross-checked.

When in search of job opportunities, JobStreet encourages candidates to only look at credible job platforms as these provide verified job listings, company authentication, fraud detection, and other preventive measures to prevent fake job ads.

To be more mindful as more scammers are penetrating not only social media platforms but also messaging apps, take note that authorized professional hirers can easily address you by name, provide specific information that matches what you have provided during your application process, and send you a link that directs you to an accurate JobStreet job post.

If you think you’ve been scammed or being targeted by scammers, stop responding and remain vigilant. Immediately contact your local police station or any agency that issued your identity documents for advice.

“Our team’s mission doesn’t just end in providing support and jobs to every Filipino, we also ensure security to give jobseekers the confidence to pursue their career aspirations without fear and hesitancy,” said Kim Viray, JobStreet Philippines Head of Marketing.

For guidelines and tips on making online job searches, visit this link:

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