How influencers and bloggers make an impact in our lives


Did you know that there are almost 4 billion combined users of Facebook and Instagram today? That’s more than half of the current 7.7 billion world population.

According to Statista, a German company specializing in market and consumer data, Facebook is the most popular social media platform around the globe with 2.7 billion monthly active users.

India is the country with the most numbers of Facebook users with 320 million followed by USA with 190 million. Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico composed the top 5 list with 140 million, 130 million and 93 million users, respectively.

In the Philippines, ranked at no. 6 in the list, I am one of the 83 million Facebook users who has spent hours using the app every day from getting in touch with friends and posting my daily discoveries to promoting our company’s products and services to getting writing gigs as a blogger.

The power of influence

As the number of people creating accounts on Facebook and other social media platforms grows, so thus the clout of the so-called influencers who through the years has found a career out of giving out tips on just about anything or by telling what they think about a product or services they availed.

They can make us laugh, cry and follow their daily lives. They can persuade us to buy something or change the brand that we’ve been using for years. They can entice us to go to the places they have visited or make us avoid horror stories of an epic fail travel. They make an impact in our lives.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country last year, almost the whole nation was placed in strict lockdown. Many businesses closed, a lot of people lost their jobs and the poor became poorer.

In my own little way, I was able to persuade some businesses and fellow bloggers and influencers in supporting a donation drive. We accepted funds digitally along with food, clothing and useful items that we sent out to people in need. Personally, I experience a great fulfillment that I was able to contribute in making someone’s life better even just for a day or two.

Influencers in the international arena

Admittedly, I am far from being a top influencer compared to the celebrities we have in the Philippines who endorse products from laundry detergents to shampoo to energy drinks and hamburger.

If I will dream to become a known personality someday, I wish to be a household name internationally like some of the lifestyle influencers who have become social media moguls.

You can Google the names Manny MUA, Brad Mondo, Nyma Tang, Leah V. and Amanda Steele and be inspired how they changed the landscape of the lifestyle industry. Actually, it was my wife who introduced me to these influencers.

But there is one name that my wife would always excitedly tell me about especially regarding the latest trends in beauty and fashion. Barbara Fava is her name and she is an Italian content creator and Intellifluence Trusted blogger and lifestyle influencer who is based in Belgium. She is also into travel and sports being a professional sports announcer and stunt rider. Check her out on Instagram via her handle @barbarafavafmx and discover why my wife and I followed her.

Barbara Parva via her IG account @barbarafavafmx

The influencer in you

While many countries are still coping with the ripple effects of the brought about by the ongoing global health crisis, we should maximize the benefits of the digital shift that we experienced when we could not go out from our home.

Even if this pandemic will be controlled hopefully in the near future, the way we live is already changed from school, work and even how we purchase stuff. A few clicks of our fingers can already do a lot of things.  

While you may not be an influencer yet in to a big market, you can be an influencer of good deeds starting with your family, relatives and friends. Use the social media wisely in informing everyone in your circle of the latest best deal you got or tell them of an easy to do workout at home

There is a great influencer within you and you can use the available social media platforms for a good cause.

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