Thriving through long lines and online at this COVID-19 time


Filipinos has always been known to be fun-loving and resilient and being quarantined for more than two weeks now due to the threats of COVID-19 is pretty challenging for most of us, to say the least.

We don’t mind horrific traffic jams just to reach our destinations. We have lived through long lines all our lives from school enrollment to trying a newly-opened milk tea house to betting for the Mega lotto jackpot or buying NFA rice. That’s us. We live and die as part of just every long line there is in our everyday life.

Now, long lines are riskier or can also be described as scary at the minimum. Well, you never know if the one in front or back of you is already a carrier of the unseen deadly virus.

That’s why I am just thankful that many businesses have already adapted innovation and technology years or even decades before the pandemic hit us this year. One major player in the local banking industry is BDO which has served me with great services for almost 15 years now.

It was only recently that I tried their online banking facility and it has helped me avoid long lines especially when I am paying bills. However, last week I was forced to go out to look for an open branch because the forgetful me failed to deposit a check issued to me last February. I found it inserted in my utility pouch.

I did some grocery shopping near C-5 Road, Pasig City and due to a wonky internet signal that day, I just randomly checked for any open BDO branch along the road without Waze. There were already road barriers and after that ala-obstacle course experience, I found BDO Strata in Ortigas Center opened.

There was a line of clients but it was managed effectively by the bank personnel. It took me a little over 30 minutes to deposit my check which is tamer than my 2-hour waiting time to enter the grocery store that morning.

I gave a salute to the guard on duty at the exit door whom I noticed was wiping off some tears from his eyes. You can see a line of tears from his right eye visible on his mask.

I asked him a little louder because I was also wearing a mask that time, “Boss, okay lang po kayo?”  

“Approve, Boss. Na-touch lang po ako dito,” he replied back while showing a piece of paper with a handwritten note.

I forgot the exact wordings but it was a feedback from one of their customers that goes something like thanking everyone from BDO Strata for walking the extra mile even with a skeletal workforce. The client actually claimed a remittance and probably needed extra cash. It was a heart-warming and sincere thank you message to the BDO team with a wish of safety and good health. For frontlines like Kuya guard, a pat on the shoulder like this brings out not only a feeling of a proud moment to be of service in the time of crisis but also sort of a boost to continue to work hard for their respective families.

By the way, I was able to withdraw my money this morning via the ATM at BDO Pasig Mercedez. Another reason while I am trusting my money with BDO for years to come whether through long lines or online. That’s how we will thrive through this crisis.

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