Struck again by Moonstar88


You know that a song is such a classic hit when you can sing along with it, feels like it was just recently, and it got stuck in your head for days.

Fans of OPM pop love songs that feels like a blade slicing through where it hurts most not only walked down memory lane but also realized suddenly that they are really that old during the listening session with an iconic band just this afternoon at the Bose, Level 6, East Wing, Shangrila Plaza Mall.

Believe it or not but it was already 18 years ago when the smash hit “Torete” by the amazing Moonstar88 conquered the airwaves. Many of our sons and daughters are not even born during those times or many of us have not even met are spouses.

The event was organized by long-time record label Alpha Records for a very special project entitled “Strings Attached”.  This Moonstar88 EP features four of the band’s best songs which include Torete, Sa Langit, Sulat and Huwag na Muna.  All these timeless songs are re-recorded by the band, produced by Buddy Zabala and co-produced by Chino David of the Manila String Machine.  The first to be released is “Huwag na Muna”, which came from the “Press to Play” album but was never released as a single.

The timing of the release in the month of February can be considered as a Valentine gift to the fans of the band for making them and their songs relevant in the music industry despite almost two decades of existence.  Their journey has transcended the times and even technology with their songs previously played through cassette tapes and CDs and now through digital streaming and downloads.

Throughout their career, the band has always been known for delivering heartfelt “hugot” songs.  Maysh, Herbert, Bon and Buddy felt “Strings Attached” was an interesting title for this special project because the phrase is generally used to imply romantic relationships.  Moreover, the title perfectly describes the inclusion of strings in the new arrangement of the songs.

Hearing the songs will make listeners realize not only why they loved the songs but also why these songs are their relationship anthems. And so we declare, got struck again by Moonstar88!

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