Acer acquires Pawbo and brings its BeingWare vision to pet care market



Here is one technology that pet lovers from all over the world will surely include in their pet car must-haves list.

Pawbo+, the technology that lets owners interact with their pets from afar was showcased in today’s #next@acer IFA Global Press Conference in Berlin, Germany.  Acer brings its BeingWare vision to the pet care market with acquisition of Pawbo.

Acer Philippines held a live webcast at F1 Hotel in BGC to present the latest technology that consumer can expect the next months to come. Pawbo, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Acer, today announced the release of the new Pawbo+ interactive wireless pet camera with treat dispensing and laser pointing capabilities. The new product is an extension of Acer’s BeingWare™ initiative, as an integrated hardware, software, and service solution, and exemplifies the Acer Group’s mission to break barriers between people and technology.


No More Lonely Pets

Pawbo+ is designed for pet owners that have to leave their cats or small dogs at home alone throughout the day. Its internet-enabled wide-angle camera (130-degrees) and speaker/microphone combo let users check in on their pets visually and talk to them to provide comfort from afar. Such daily interactions can help to reduce pet anxiety caused by prolonged durations of being alone. With privacy in mind, the camera is designed to point slightly downward so that it only captures what pets are doing, while all communication is encrypted for added peace of mind.

A Fun and Interactive Experience

Using an iOS or Android device to view one’s pet remotely is just the first step. Pawbo+ also includes a collection of unique features that make viewing sessions playful and fun. Users can log in and serve up a tasty treat stored in Pawbo+’s built-in storage tray. Multiple ringtone notifications and treats help train pets to respond and encourage pets’ good behaviors. Pawbo+ has an integrated laser pointer that can be activated remotely to give owners a fun way to interact with their pets and keep them active.


 Smart Design and Sharing

Designed for the modern lifestyle, Pawbo+ features an organic oval shape profile that sits stylishly in any corner of the home. Up to 8 concurrent users can log in to view Pawbo+ live streams, and the device can also be integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive so users can save their precious videos on the cloud easily. The Pawbo+ app also allows seamless photo sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The More the Merrier

Pet owners can expand the capabilities of Pawbo+ with 4 soon-to-be available accessories, including Pawbo Flash (artificial lighting for camera), Pawbo Munch (additional treat dispenser), Pawbo Catch (cat teaser), and Pawbo Punch (whac-a-mole game).

Pricing and Availability

Pawbo+ will be available for online pre-order on Sep 1st for customers in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan at USD$169 with free shipping[1].

Exact specifications, prices and availability of the device will vary by region. To find out about availability, product specifications and prices in specific markets, please visit

The Pawbo+ was unveiled today at the next@acer press event at IFA in Germany, where the company announced a range of new devices and solutions for families, students and professionals. For more information, visit

[1] The consumer will be responsible for any import duties to their country. The product ships from Taiwan.

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