Cheers to all Fathers for Better Health


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Whether it’s a simple flu or a major surgical procedure, it all depends on the individual’s genetic makeup and mindset in terms of how fast the body can heal. An advantage, though, would be to have an effective companion, a “healthmate,” if you will, that will help the patient and the immediate family deal with the ordeal and live on to an improved and revitalized life— and it could also be a perfect gift this coming Father’s Day.

Living healthy practices when it comes to diet and physical regimen, if possible for those with orthopedic complaints, is an important aspect toward physical renewal. A slowly emerging practice, though, is the use of nature-based healers, the “fruits of nature,” basically plants, fruits or vegetables, through the process of “juicing” or “slow juicing” in particular.

The “slow juicing” method is slowly but surely gaining momentum among those who wish to stay healthy or improve their health, or even for those who wish to sustain a healthy lifestyle after an illness.

A “healthmate” companion could be the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer, which has more than enough ways to provide a health recovery drink plus other functions to process food ingredients.

“Slow juicing” involves extracting with efficiency the juices and vital nutrients of these products of nature that we need to boost and strengthen our bodies, intensify our immune system to stronger levels and ultimately provide for better health to aid in recovery.

Matstone with its one-of- a-kind horizontal design and technology has its many advantages that people can count on with regard to reliability and functionality. For one, there are no stuck-ups of fruit or veggie pulp inside the juicer. It can also juice hard, leafy vegetables that others can’t and guarantees no leakage whatsoever.

Cheers to all the fathers who deserve better health

For those prone to certain summer-related skin ailments like heat stroke, dry skin, stomach ailments or the common flu, a good juicing drink you can try is fresh coriander juice, vegetable juice for flu, or even cucumber, beets, or squash for glowing skin. You can even try Malunggay, touted to be a “super food” since it’s loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals that are known to help aid in recovering toward better health. Juices known to boost the immune system to prevent common diseases can be culled from basil, celery, ginger, and turmeric, or apples or other healthy fruits can be used for a more desirable taste.

“Some of the benefits of slow juicing include our bodies digesting more nutrients and allowing us to consume more healthy food, especially for the picky eaters.” IAJ Wellness Corporation General Manager and Vice President Cris Llamo says. “It helps detoxify our bodies of harmful substances and also helps in preventing chronic diseases that we may get at an older age. Athletes could also enjoy the benefits of slow juicing as their performance improves with the boost of nutrients they get from slow juicing.”

There is no better way to reward the family’s provider— hardworking and loving fathers— but to provide them all the help they will need in keeping them in good health. The promise of slow juicing with regard to quality of life after an ailment is totally achievable, especially when the whole family is involved. Combining the right ingredients and the recipe to juice, an environment conducive to wellness, recovery and happier living, together with a “healthmate” in your kitchen that’s effective and reliable, trust the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer to take you on the road to recovery that benefits not just the patient but also the entire family.

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