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steph ligh&easy2Despite its land areas, the earth is predominantly filled with water. That the human body echoes its composition, only cements the fact that water is an indispensable element to both the biosphere and the human tissue. Without it, life would be impossible. Next to natural fluids, enzymes are what make our bodies remain in a ‘balanced’ state. They correct acidity and/or extreme alkalinity through their innate properties.

And the best way to carry these enzymes into our systems is through our fluid channels. Water, as circulatory vessel, helps sustain life. Together, these two can bring about the wellness and well-being that man has been searching for through the ages.

“I don’t like sugar so juicing came naturally to me. Commercial products are laden with sugar so I make juices myself. Fruits, especially those that I like, are quite expensive. I go for Fuji apples, oranges and carrots. I do juicing daily each morning. I suggest you go for fruits that don’t spoil fast,” shared Chef Stephanie Zubiri, who tied the knot very recently to become Mrs. Jonathan Crespi.

The best way to source out enzymes, from either fruits or vegetables is through a slow process of juicing. The HUROM Slow Juicer is one time-tested product for creating enzyme-filled juices through a slow process. Slow juicing doesn’t destroy the enzyme’s structure. Also, extraction must always be done in natural temperature because heat and cold kills the enzymes

“With my old juicer, I need more fruit to produce a glass of juice. With HUROM, I get more amount of juice in lesser quantity. The pulp residue I give to my dog,” added the owner of Atelier 317 Restaurant. Her menu is a fabulous mix of Vietnamese, French and Italian cuisines.

She opened a private kitchen on the second floor of the resto last November where she teaches lifestyle classes and cookery. There are sixteen slots where students learn table & flower arrangement, wine tasting, cooking, as well as on how to host a party.

“I love to eat and cook since I was small. Both of my grandmothers from the paternal and maternal side were good cooks. At eight, I already cooked for my mom’s friends when they come visit us,” confessed the Le Cordon Bleu intern.

Upon returning home from Paris, Stephanie taught cooking classes in Alabang while figuring out what career path she’ll finally pursue, as she was now being confronted with myriad options and choices fit for her education and experience.

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