The advantages of buying your own house



Are you a newly-wed couple looking for your love nest or perhaps for your future kids? Or are you a young professional who is starting to fulfill a life-long dream of providing a better home for your family?

 Whatever drives you in achieving your goal of acquiring a new house, one of the first two questions one needs to answer is where to buy a property and when is the right time to do it. There are many factors to consider before you can really answer those questions and it will be up to you to decide and determine the house that will perfectly suit your personal and family needs.

“I love you, good buy”

Every noble working Filipino wants their hard-earned savings to be used properly for the benefit of their family and loved ones. There is no better investment than a house one can call his own. It is an asset that can be passed on to one generation of the family to another. When you buy your own house, you will not only secure a place to stay for your loved ones but you will also guarantee a better future for them.

The good news is that there are corporations like NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), a leading and trusted real estate company in the Philippines that provides homes and useful areas that improve the quality of life.  For almost 20 years, it has established its own niche in the middle income housing market, bringing high-quality yet affordable residential properties with several ongoing horizontal developments.

Although buying a home might require an immediate cash investment that might use up your life savings and spend time and money in home repairs and maintenance, the value of real estate property consistently appreciates as years go by. This is something you will never get when you invest in cars or any type of vehicle which automatically depreciate the moment you receive the key from the dealers, not to mention the pride of ownership that buyers enjoy when they finally acquire their dream home.

Value for Money

The right time to invest on real estate in the Philippines is now. Business news leader Bloomberg sees the potentials of the Philippine economy based on the forecast they released in the first quarter of this year. After China, the country is said to have the fastest GDP growth this year. We are seen to be the top performer among the countries in the ASEAN region.

This was supported by the results of the 2014 survey conducted by Lamudi, an innovative real estate finder online, which reported a 92.7 positive response among real estate agents when asked about the outlook of the Philippines’ property market.

However, before you even think of buying a property, make sure that the developer you will be engaging with is a trusted name and has a good reputation. You need not look far to find a partner you can trust. NorthPine Land, Inc. has established its own niche in the middle income housing market in the country since it was founded in 1996 as a joint venture of four leading companies. Hongkong Land, one of Asia’s leading property investment, management and development groups, partnered with San Miguel Properties, the real estate arm of the San Miguel Group; BDO and Metrobank, the country’s largest and leading commercial banks.

With the many marketing offers that we see every day, set your eyes to a company that promotes excellence and customer satisfaction across the company and its line of quality and affordable projects. You can easily lean on the company’s track record that answers the need of the buyers and their family through the communities they build suitable to any lifestyle.

Indeed, there are many things to consider in making a decision when buying a home. The process presents a number of pros and cons but your financial capability may be the biggest determining factor of all. However, we should always remember that what we should look for is not just a house to stay but rather a home where our family can live in peace and harmony.

Is renting a home a good idea?

For those who are still not ready to purchase a property or unsure of what kind of house to buy, renting a home is an option to consider for temporary shelter. Your only concern will be the monthly rent and your utilities such as water, electricity and telephone bills. The property tax is also shouldered by the landlord.

However, even if you are off-limits in the maintenance of the house, you are also not allowed to repaint or remodel any part of your home without the approval of the owners. There is also no sense of security in terms of length of stay when you rent because the landlord can take the unit for his own use even while a contract is ongoing.

The most evident disadvantage of renting is the fact that it does not build equity. Payments you made will only provide you a place where you can stay temporarily but never an asset or a lifetime investment.

About NorthPine Land, Inc.

NorthPine Land Inc. (NLI) is one of the country’s trusted real estate prime movers with a prestigious portfolio of projects such as Kahaya Place, Greenwoods Village, Wind Crest, Kohana Grove (Cavite), South Hampton (Laguna), Forest Ridge (Antipolo City), and Lexington (Pasig City). Its distinguished shareholders are: HongKong Land, BDO, Metrobank, and San Miguel Properties, Inc. To know more about our lineup of products, visit or call +632 637.1531.

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