Celia Rodriguez: #PowerLook personified


Acer 1Whenever she plays a contravida such as the evil “Valentina” in the “Darna” movie franchise, or as a richy-bitchy matron in her slew of telenovelas, it’s hard not to notice the uncanny knack for fashion of premier actress Celia Rodriguez. Known for setting fashion trends before they are even born, she is definitely the epitome of a woman who radiates with talent and looks, especially during awards nights where the media would anticipate her next fashion statement.

There is no doubt that her innate artistry, coupled with extraordinary hard work and dedication in perfecting her craft made her one of the most iconic actresses of her generation. Name any role and she’ll play it with much aplomb and gusto, whether as the villain or heroine, which she also portrays impeccably. This explains why Celia Rodriguez—“Manay Celia” to many—remains to be one of the most illustrious thespians around who can give much younger actresses a run for their money. She is like vintage wine—the more aged, the better tasting, and the more sought-after.

Recently, Acer Philippines has chosen Manay Celia as one of the ambassadors for the global tech titans’ recently launched Acer Premium line. Acer Premium is a collection of mid to high-range devices that hallmark superior engineering, chic design, and manufacturing prowess. These tools are renowned for effectively combining both “Power” and “Looks,” which make them prime choices among discerning and astute individuals who wouldn’t settle for anything less.

This is why Manay Celia is truly a perfect fit for Acer Premium. With her trademark #PowerLook, which comes as naturally as her lifting an eyebrow, Manay Celia evokes emotion without uttering a single dialogue – similar to the products on the Acer Premium array – you know you’re getting powerful and great-looking devices at a glance.

For the Acer Premium line, Manay Celia took an exceptional liking to the Acer Liquid X1, Acer’s flagship smartphone model. Grand and powerful, the Liquid X1 is a smartphone built to astound. Boasting a cutting-edge octa-core processor and an ultra-fast LTE connectivity, this beast of a device is sure to blaze up your mobile experience. Its glorious 5.7-inch HD screen and incredible 13MP F1.8 camera make viewing and capturing moments always picture perfect and majestic.

“I’m not much of a techie, but I quickly fell in love with the Liquid X1, especially with the AcerRapid button where I can shoot photos or open the apps I love in a snap. It’s very useful especially for fans who love to take their photos with me on set or when I’m in the mall.  That’s why I use my Liquid X1 instead of their phone, and of course I tell them to change their phones and buy the Liquid X1 so they can enjoy the same power features and excellent looks that I love,” Manay Celia says with a chuckle.


So what else has Celia Rodriguez not done? Well, she is still—and will always be—the best “Valentina” ever. But with Acer’s Liquid X1 in her hand, she is the perfect ambassador for Acer Premium. This legendary actress shows why today’s Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram generation should get their hands on Acer Premium products because like Manay Celia, everybody deserves only the best.

To know more about the Liquid X1 and other Acer Premium products, visit the Acer Philippines Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AcerPH), follow Acer via Twitter (twitter.com/acerphils), or go to www.acer.com.ph.

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