Innovative sock technologies for feet comfort and care


BurlingtonWe are living in a fast-paced world today. Everybody seems always on the move. Whether you’re into running, sports activities or just casual mall hopping, choosing the right kind of socks that are perfect for your feet needs should be considered if not a must.

There are different socks in the market today that are designed specifically to cushion impact, ease pain, provide antibacterial protection and even control odor. Just want to share some of the latest innovations for feet care offered by leading brand Burlington and are now available in the market.

1. The Puma Flux. For the sports lovers who are into the rough and tough action on the court, this is designed with NeonLite Technology for lightweight performance and enhanced aerodynamic performance. Each sock is made with technical yarns for superior stretch fit and comfort, making it extra breathable even in warmer weather. Safety is guaranteed because its neon ankle brace is elasticized to provide extra support while its soles have acrylic pads for impact protection and are infused with Dri Plus Technology for improved absorpttion.

2. BioFresh Health Compression Socks. Are you into log walks but is afraid of deterioration of varicose veins? The sesocks are proven to help blood flow circulation with their firm compression levels. One of BioFresh’s latest product innovations is its compression socks that are designed to apply the most pressure at the ankles while gradually reducing pressure level up the leg.  Other health benefits these socks gives include relief from tired and aching legs, and reduction of swelling and soreness of the legs and feet. These socks also have an antimicrobial technology that provides long lasting protection.

3. Burlington with Microban®. Burlington parnered with the global leader in antimicrobial protection, Microban International i coming out of its best socks to date: the Burlington with Microban®. This new product has antimicrobial properties that protect the feet from odor causing bacteria, leaving it fresh and clean all day. The Microban® technology is known worldwide, trusted by over 250 companies across the globe for 20 years now, to give long-lasting protection and fight the growth of harmful bacteria. It works by penetrating deep into the bacteria’s cell wall thus, neutralizing its abilities to develop and reproduce.

Wherever your feet will bring you this summer, make sure to check out the new sock technologies for feet comfort and care from Burligton. Give your feet that much needed break and choose the right socks that are fit for your needs, be it for sports, fashion or just for everyday wear. With these latest innovations for feet comfort and care, healthy and moisturized feet are just a pair of socks away!

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