Feng Shui Strategies for an Auspicious Apartment or Condo



Living in an apartment or condominium in the city usually means having to make do with a small living space, and in Feng Shui small living space is often considered problematic. Philippine Feng Shui expert in home and office analysis, Master Hanz Cua, says that making your apartment or condo unit into an auspicious living space is a challenge, but can definitely be remedied through some useful and practical techniques.

  1. Organize, organize, organize. Clutter is the enemy of small spaces. When clutter accumulates, it eats up even more space, and your unit becomes cramped. Chi cannot circulate in cramped areas and becomes blocked. Always maintain the clean and orderly state of your apartment or condo to keep energy moving and your good luck flowing.
  2. Have adequate lighting. Another important remedy for small spaces is light. Darkness emphasizes the cramped appearance of a unit. Positive chi is attracted to light, while darkness results in poor or sluggish chi flow.
  3. Crystals help circulate energy. Crystal balls, geodes and faceted crystals make attractive decorations, but even more importantly, they encourage chi flow and draw in auspicious energy from outside.
  4. Some apartment or condos have very large picture windows that can make a resident feel vulnerable and exposed. This is especially problematic if the windows face the Western sun. If this is the case, you need to put heavy curtains that can be drawn close for protection.
  5. What’s your view? When you look out the window, what do you see? If you are fortunate that your unit is high up and overlooking a really nice view, good for you. But what if there is another building directly opposite your window—or a billboard obstructing the view, or the top of a factory vent that emits pollution? These are all highly inauspicious features. Hang a pakua mirror outside your window or veranda door if you have one, to deflect the negative energy emitted by the unfortunate feature. You can also put a small chi fountain on a table or stand next to the window with the offending view. The movement of the water “filters” the bad energy coming in from outside.
  6. You can visually “expand” the area of a small unit by placing large mirrors to give rooms some depth. Do not put a mirror directly in front of the main entrance, however. This will cause chi and good luck that is coming in to bounce back out the door.
  7. Decorate with plants. Live plants have the power to stimulate good energy. You can use potted plants (choose those with rounded leaves and no thorns) as decoration inside your unit. Make sure they are not too big or too small—and take good care of them. Unhealthy or withered plants bring yin or “decaying” energy which is no good.
  8. Entrance to your unit vs. Front Face of the building. The typical design of apartments and condos is that the entrance to your unit is usually facing an inner hallway or corridor, while the actual “face” of the building may be a different orientation. This is an important consideration when you are trying to impose a bagua map on your unit and you need to know the true front of the building where you live. The easiest way to figure out where the front face of the building is to see which side faces the main road. The true front is the reference you need to use when figuring out where the nine sectors are located on your unit’s floor space.

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