Doing the laundry the worry-free way with Sharp


Doing the laundry can be quite complicated and problematic, and so many things can go wrong when one doesn’t follow. One of the proper worst things that procedure can happen to anyone. is to discover having spent hours washing a pile of discolored clothes.

One of the things we all accept as fact is that frequent washing of clothes can damage the fabric. Another unfortunate fact is that cldownloadothes-washing consumes a lot of water and energy. But in this day and age, these can easily be prevented, provided you use a technologically advanced washing machine, like the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine. This one-of-a-kind washing machine allows people to protect their clothes from damage and reduce water and time consumption as well. Just pop in your clothes inside the tub and the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine will do everything for you.

The hole-less tub in Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machines cuts the waiting time for the tub to fill up with water so laundry can start and finish up quickly. Water savings is also increased since the innovative hole-less tub design helps save water by up to 60% because water leakage is prevented. The hole-less design also allows gentle washing of clothes so the fabric is protected from possible damage due to vibration and the fabric thread from going through the holes. This feature also helps prevent black molds from forming around the tub, thus avoiding water contamination, resulting in cleaner and more hygienic clothes.

What also sets the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine apart from other similar fully automatic washing machine brands is the Sharp Ag + Ion Technology, a revolutionary innovation that helps deactivate bacteria that causes foul odors and helps keep clothes odor-free until the next wash.

For those who still think that washing clothes is too complex and time-consuming, think again. Sharp (Phils.) Corporation also knows this fully well so it offers the Sharp Double Washer to allow you to wash your clothes in a jiffy, and have more time to do other things in the house.

The first of its kind in the country, the Sharp Double Washer lets you wash both white and colored clothes at the same time without sacrificing laundry quality. The twin tubs allow you to use both tubs for different washing needs so it cuts laundry that despite having two tubs, energy use is reduced since there is only one motor that runs both tubs, and its space-saving design makes it perfect for condo living.

Sharp truly understands what Filipino households need, which is the reason why Sharp Washing Machines are a top choice among Filipino households today, according to the Euro monitor International report on Home Laundry Appliances highest volume sales And growth Filipino scan at also be10% in 2013. And Filipinos can also be truly proud of the fact that majority of Sharp’s washing machines are Philippine-made, further showcasing Filipino craftsmanship and manufacturing capabilities.

Make your laundry days worry-free with Sharp washing machines. Trust Sharp to understand consumers’ needs when it. It remains comes firm into its commitment caring to provide for clothes. It remains firm in its commitment to provide Filipinos with exceptional products to help uplift the quality of their lives under its “Our Brand, Our pride” philosophy.

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