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SharpThe digital landscape has changed the way we do business, in more ways than one. In the modern office, any talk about graphs, charts, and other visual aids placed on top of boards is regarded as archaic. Furthermore, memories of inhaling chalkboard dust and trying to understand those hard-to-read notes on the blackboard in the traditional classroom may be summoned up with a mixture of amusement and annoyance.

Now, in the digital age, the situations have been transformed, with advances that make learning, teaching, and sharing faster, more powerful, and more efficient. Presentations and discussions can now be viewed through slide presentations that are more engaging than its predecessors. Presenters and teachers alike can move around and speak freely for a more interactive discussion.

But what if we can take these presentations and discussions to a whole new level?

One of the country’s leading brands in electronics and home appliances, Sharp (Phils.) Corporation, offers its Interactive Display Panel (IDP) Touchscreen Whiteboard (PN-L702B) to businesses and educational institutions, with the aim of making presentations and meetings more interactive, compelling, and effective.

Sharp’s IDP Touchscreen Whiteboard goes beyond the ordinary interactive whiteboard which is not much different from the conventional whiteboard many of us use. Users will find exciting its touch control function which lets them change pages and enlarge or move objects around the screen. They can also use a touch pen to make annotations, keep track of new proposals, and maintain the focus of discussions. Displaying text, images, and even handwritten notes simultaneously gives its users a sharper edge in presentations and discussions.

With the videoconferencing function, different parties in distant locations can participate in virtual meetings and collaborate closely. The big screen brings in an ‘already-there’ feel to any videoconference with people who are far away. Participants can digitally display their documents and write notations directly on the screen. This allows for better communication between parties despite the physical separation.

This interactive whiteboard can also be linked to a large Sharp Video Wall to keep students engaged to a lecture, especially when the class takes place in a lecture hall or a spacious conference room. It can also be linked to separate venues for remote learning and two-way communication.

In a showroom for business establishments, these IDPs can serve as an all-purpose showroom enhancer, displaying product information, demonstrations, and more. They can also be hooked to a printer and quickly print out any onscreen information needed by the customers.  All of these functions are in just one sleek panel; all the user needs to do is to explore them by touching them to make them work wonders.

Businesses and educational institutions can get this Sharp IDP Touchscreen Panel in a recently opened intelligent hub of solutions that welcomes potential partners. Located in Pasig City, just a stone’s throw away from Metro Manila’s business districts, the Sharp Business Equipment Division (BED) Total Business Solutions Showroom features many of Sharp’s latest line-up of innovative imaging solutions, designed to keep in touch with today’s modern communication needs. Visit their showroom at the second floor of 8007 Pioneer Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, near Puregold Jr. and Hans Hardware. For inquiries regarding the Sharp Business Equipment lineup, please contact 631-8715.

With all the features and uses of IDP Touchscreen Panel, another engineering marvel from Sharp, the brand lives up to its commitment under its “Our Brand, Our Pride” philosophy to uplift the Filipinos’ quality of life through its exceptional products.

For more information about the Sharp Total Business Solutions Showroom and its exceptional products, visit

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