Indra Future Minds Competition: A Battle of the Brains


Four student groups from the University of the Philippines – Diliman (UPD), Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) and De La Salle University (DLSU) will compete for the chance to represent the country during the 3rd edition of the Indra Future Minds Competition.

Indra Future Minds Competition is an international university competition which provides a venue for undergraduates to demonstrate their talent and skills in managing solutions based on real projects developed by Indra, the leading IT company in Spain.

The Philippines first joined the international university competition last year, with UPD students Maria Katrina E. Volante, Benedict Ivan A. Andrade and Erwin L. Soleta, representing the country. The Philippines team qualified for the final phase and went to Spain to compete against three other universities, eventually winning the whole competition.

For the third edition, the Philippines will now send two teams to participate in the competition. An Interuniversity Competition locally will determine the university students who will compete against other universities from all over the world during the global competition.

Team Philippines: 2012 Indra Future Minds Competition Champs

The Philippine office of Indra sent out invitations to the top universities in the country, looking for students in the field of technology and innovation, with strong academic records, the initiative and ability to work in a team, with keen interest in volunteerism, internships and grants, and possessing good social and communication skills.

The applicants were then evaluated through the company’s standard recruitment process.

Two teams from UPD were then chosen to compete in the local competition. The first team from UPD consists of Angelica Joyce Ramos and Ian Catamora, both taking up Bachelors of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BS ECE), and Shane Jayson Cruz, taking up Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering (BS IE).

The members of the second team from UPD are John Arden Orata and Jhoanne Clarize Monta, both taking up BS ECE as well, and Paolo Martin Santos, a Bachelors of Science in Materials Engineering (BS MatEng) student.

The students from ADMU are Robert Alfie Peṅa and Joshua Mendoza, both BS ECE students and Brian Lao, studying Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering (BS CoE).

Meanwhile, the DLSU team composed of Jerome Cuevas and John Clifford Konwat, both taking up BS ECE, and Catherine Denise Rollan, a BS IE student.

During this phase of the competition, the students will have to present a solution to an “enigma” (challenge or problem) based on Indra’s traffic management system. Just recently, Indra, together with Miescor, was contracted by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to upgrade their traffic management system. The traffic signal system will be provided by Indra while Miescor will provide the civil works needed by the project.

Two teams will be chosen based on how their solution adheres to the four core values of Indra – rigor, determination, originality and sensitivity. The two Philippine teams will then compete with students from Peru, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy and Turkey. Only four teams will advance to the finals which will take place in Brazil on April 2013.

Indra Future Minds Competition aims to engage the best talent around the world to innovate and change the world with the help of new technologies. Winners of the competition will be given the opportunity to experience working with the company in any of Indra’s international offices after their studies.

Indra is one of the leading multinationals in Consulting and Technology in Europe and Latin America. Innovation is the basis of Indra’s business and sustainability, with €550 million invested in R&D&i in the last three years. This figure sets Indra among the top European companies in the sector by investment. Indra’s turnover is around €3,000 million, and 55% of its revenue comes from international markets. The company employs 42,000 professionals and has customers in 118 countries.   Indra in the Philippines is one of the leading IT services providers in the Asia Pacific region and has key engagements in Utilities and Energy, Financial Services, Industry and Public Sectors, with more than 600 IT professionals.  As one of the strategic centers in the Southeast Asian region, the Manila office is the regional competency center for global offshore development projects, as well as a center of Excellence for Energy for Indra.

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