Aloe Vera: A Home Remedy Wonder


When we talk about natural ways of improving hair and skin, aloe vera is always on top of the list. Before, mothers would grow aloe vera in their backyard or keep a pot in the kitchen, using it to prevent hair loss or heal burns and blisters. However, research and scientific studies have revealed that aloe vera can do more than just that.

Pure juice from Aloe Vera can be a great cure in fighting heartburn and acid reflux or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD). “There have been many documented clinical studies that aloe vera juice is helpful in healing gastrointestinal ulcerations, acid reflux or heartburn, and irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. Aloe vera juice contains malic calcium/calcium malate, a natural acid buffer that aids in reducing acid levels in the stomach,” explains Dr. Santiago Rodriguez Ph.D., a top research chemist who specialized in Aloe Vera for more than 3 decades.

Dr. Rodriguez is among a global team of experts assembled by American Global Health Group, LLC. (AGHG), the company that makes AloeCure, a 99.7% organic natural pharmaceutical-grade pure aloe vera juice.

Though growing aloe vera at home may seem easy, processing its juice for drinking requires much more time and effort. “Once you extract the juice you can simply apply it to your hair and skin. But that same juice may not be ready for ingestion.”

According to Dr. Santiago, one component of the aloe vera leaf is aloin which is extremely bitter. “If you cut a leaf and extract the juice with the aim of drinking it, there’s a great possibility that you will end up spitting it out because of the taste. To be able to drink aloe vera juice aloin must be removed from the juice repeatedly.”

Organic Basket Philippines offers a product that gives you the best of both worlds: a naturally-processed and pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera juice.

With just two ounces, twice a day, AloeCure promises 24-hour relief and more. AloeCure does not only provide immediate relief but actually aids in achieving total body wellness because of its 200 vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A healthier digestive system will allow for better absorption of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs.

AloeCure’s effectiveness is evident with the experience of Enrico Bamba, who was hospitalized due to bleeding ulcers. “There was already blood in my stool and I couldn’t take the stomach pain. I had to be admitted as I had low red blood cell count and underwent a blood transfusion. I had to undergo several diagnostic procedures and it was found that I had ulcerations on my stomach’s lining,” he recalls.

He was prescribed with several medicines but the discomfort did not go away until he tried AloeCure. “My wife came across AloeCure and upon trying 1 bottle, my stomach pain was relieved. At first I thought it was just like any other product I had tried before but to my surprise, this is really different. I no longer have stomach pains due to regular use of AloeCure,” Bamba explains.

Similarly, Ruben Torres has found lifetime relief with AloeCure. “Hyperacidity made me suffer for years, taking various types of medicines until I read a feature on AloeCure. I got interested and bought a bottle. Now, I’ve been taking it for 6 months and it really works. No more usual medicines and I even gave up my vitamins since it already contains a number of essential vitamins,” he shares.

Just like Enrico and Ruben, Filipino families could take advantage of the amazing wonders of aloe vera juice with AloeCure. At home, mothers now have a simple and safe home remedy against acid reflux. With AloeCure, they will be able to provide their families with a natural remedy for stomach pain and at the same time reap a lot of health benefits from it.

AloeCure has been proven to be safe and effective. There is no threat of overdose. You can take it regularly, as is and is safe for children.

AloeCure is available in two flavors – natural and grape. It is available at Rustan’s Flower Shop, Health Express, Curamed and Gana Vida outlets. AloeCure is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Organic Basket with offices at Lapanday Center, 2263 Chino Roces Ext., Makati City.  For more information on AloeCure visit, or call +632.888.2563.

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