Forest Crest is a Gateway to Nature’s Tranquil Embrace


Vacation time will be on full swing in the next few weeks. If you are looking for a family getaway, there’s one place you might want to bring your loved ones this summer.

Are you looking for the allure of the natural world? This is precisely the charm of Forest Crest Nature Hotel and Resort in Nasugbu. Spanning a vast 100 hectares, this oasis is more than a vacation destination; it’s an open invitation to step away from daily routines and immerse yourself in nature’s tranquil embrace.

At Forest Crest, camping takes on a whole new meaning. It’s not just an effective stress reliever, but an opportunity to soak in the serene forest ambiance, breathe in the fresh air, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here, the goal is not just to escape; it’s to embark on a holistic journey that nurtures both body and soul.

Forest Crest is more than your typical resort. With 70% of the property blanketed in rich greenery, it welcomes not just families, but also weekend adventurers and groups of friends seeking an extraordinary escape from the mundane. Picture wide-open spaces that can accommodate up to 1500 people for team-building activities and day tours for a staggering 20,000 visitors.

Camping at Forest Crest is an adventure nestled within nature’s loving arms. Imagine forest treks, exhilarating ATV rides, and thrilling treetop adventures, all set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of nature’s grandeur.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper with your own gear or a beginner opting for affordable tent rentals, Forest Crest makes this journey accessible to all.

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