J&T Express marks its 4th anniversary with Financial Assistance Program for Employees with JET CARE


Another milestone was reached by one of the biggest express delivery service providers in the Philippines. J&T Express, celebrates its fourth year in the country and kicks off with surprises, especially for its employees nationwide.

Despite being a newcomer in the express delivery industry in the Philippines in 2019, since then, the company bravely faced challenges and achieved several recognitions.

Over the years, J&T Express has already had expansive nationwide coverage—with most e-commerce platforms and MSMEs putting it on top of their lists as their chosen courier.

“[The] difficulties and trials [we faced] are not to be feared, we take these as opportunities and a driving force for progress. With the normalization of the pandemic, online shopping has become the choice of more customers as the company ushered in new development. We seized the opportunity to continue making broader partnerships with large e-commerce platforms, and we actively support double-day and payday promotions,” said Dean Ding, President and CEO of J&T Express Philippines.

Fast forward to four years, and the company continues to expand its nationwide coverage and vehicle fleet to further improve its services for Filipinos. Currently, J&T Express now has over 2,500 branches, close to 50,000 service personnel, and more than 2,000 owned trucks and vehicles.

“As we aim to achieve more, we need to be reminded that success is a journey, not a destination. We know J&T Express [Philippines] still has a long way to go. We will continue and improve our express delivery service, and we will invest in more advanced technologies and equipment to improve timeliness,” Mr. Ding continues.

In addition to the company’s known reputation for providing last-mile express deliveries on time, J&T Express is no stranger when it comes to helping communities and families in need. This March, J&T Express proudly shares that it has already launched JET CARE for all of its employees.

“With JET CARE, eligible employees can avail of the assistance that will be able to help with their financial needs. I hope they understand that no matter how challenging life can be, the company will always be here for you,” Ding concludes.

JET CARE started in Indonesia on July 14, 2017. This year, J&T Express Philippines initiated and launched the JET CARE program as it aims to help its employees who are experiencing difficulties in life—may it be financial assistance for a critical illness, education, etc. J&T Express will provide these assistances which are coming from the company’s funds and donations from their management.

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