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Imagine this scenario. One morning, you’re caught in a quandary of rushing to an important date with friends whom you haven’t seen for a long while, then rush off to meet a client for an important transaction later.

However, you still need to fix something at the house in a jiffy, but you don’t want to miss your crucial appointments in your schedule. What do you do?

Be smart. Use intelligent and excellent homeware and storage products from Taiwan-based and award-winning FECA and any household issue you may have that needs quick fixing will be solved in earnest.

Established in 1989, FECA, or Ferro-Carbon Enterprise Co. Ltd., is renowned as a maker of tiling tools and suction cups in Taiwan. Its industrial suction cups are capable of sticking to tiles and glasses, and are also temperature-resistant from between -10°C and 70°C.

With its unique core technology of suction cups, homeware and storage products just got better. No need to use tools like drills to create holes on your house’s walls to attach FECA products. The tool-free suction cup hooks and storage products come with strong suction power that can be attached on rough surfaces (under 0.4mm) so there’s no need to damage your walls, which makes it a unique product in the market.

And what’s even better is that FECA also comes with an aesthetically appealing product design that shows smart taste for that lifestyle that combines both function and elegance and made it an essential fashion trend in the world.

Among the Taiwan Excellence Award-winning products of FECA include the three-piece Hades Storage Basket Set that you can easily attach to the wall so you can create extra storage and likewise maintain a minimalist aura in your kitchen, bathroom, office or garage. The best part is that you don’t need to wreck your wall. Each piece, aside from the powerful suction, is built to withstand heat, rust, and water.

The E2 Earl Corner Stainless Rack Set, on the other hand, helps you maximize your corner spaces. Its heat-, water-, and rust-resistant features makes it ideal to create countertop space in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, even at the office. The E2 Earl Corner Rack Set can be easily attached worry-free through its powerful suction cups that allows this superb rack set to carry up to 8kg of items.

Finally, for the gadget lovers out there, they will find the FECA Infinite Mobile Holder a true ally. This compact swivel mobile and tablet stand has undoubtedly become a favorite for mobile digital device owners. It comes with a 360-degree rotation and vertical/horizontal knob adjustment so you’ll get that right viewing angle. Compact in size yet sturdy and secure, this swivel style suction cup mobile stand is universally compatible with nonporous mobile cases or directly on to the back of your mobile or tablet, and can hold weight up to 1 kg.

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