Shopee Find: Make the Switch to Colgate’s Greatest Mouthwash Yet


While many of us continue to be working at home along with the younger people in the house who are taking online classes, we should also take time and give effort to check how our health is doing.

Better include in your check list the family’s oral care because a lot of people have experienced stress eating during the long quaratine periods that munching food pass beyond bedtime and people have tendencies to sleep without brushing their teeth.

The good news is that Colgate has a new product considered as their greatest mouthwash yet.

Personally I am convinced that the hype is real and so I am recommending to you the Colgate Total Professional which come in Clean Mint 500ml, Clean Mint 250ml, Fresh Mint 500ml and Fresh Mint 250ml.

As indicated in its label, only Colgate mouthwash powered with Zinc Antibacterial Shield, provides 10 oral health benefits, 12 hour superior protection.

If you are not yet familar in using mouthwash to clean your mouth. Here is the right way to use it.
You can use after brushing. Just fill cap to the line which is 20ml. Make sure to rinse mouth thoroughly for 30 seconds, gargle then release from your mouth. Do not swallow. Also, this is not recommended to children who are under 6 years old.

Colgate Total Professional mouthwash is now available online with special discount via Shopee.

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