Taiwan’s Smart Tools for Automotive Manufacturing Ride the Wave with Innovation


Taiwan Excellence, an international campaign to promote Taiwan’s superior products, hosted “Taiwan Excellence Smart Machine Tools for Automotive Manufacturing Online Products and Solutions Launch” recently.

The organization invited four iconic Taiwan machine tools makers to share their advanced smart manufacturing techniques, to assist buyers introduce industry 4.0 and automation solutions, and updates about their product lines that will fit the demands of modern automobiles manufacturing.

To help global buyers familiarize themselves with Taiwan Excellence Smart Machinery products and solutions, the four companies representing the industry, namely: SEYI, Jainnher, YDPM and Tongtai, showcased their companies’ latest products and solutions, including servo presses, grinding machines, digitally-controlled machine tools, and industry 4.0 solution for automotive manufacturing.

During the webinar, the Taiwan Excellence award-winning companies introduced their latest offerings and technologies:

SEYI, one of the largest servo press makers in Taiwan, introduced the applications of servo presses in hot stamping procedure for medium and large lightweight auto parts manufacturing, which comply with and meet the trend and application of steel parts with light weight but high tensile strength in the modern automotive industry and effectively strengthen the structure of automobiles.

JAINNHER, which specializes in grinding machines, introduced all kinds of grinding solutions for key engine and gearbox parts such as gears, shafts, bearings, etc., and further improve the precision of the parts and the efficiency of product lines through the company’s digital control and shock absorbing techniques. 

YDPM submitted its compete processing solutions for automotive parts. With its lathe machines and machining centers, the company assists buyers build up high efficiency, high accuracy, and high flexibility product lines, and help them produce all kinds of automobile parts with superior quality.

Finally, TONGTAI‘s intelligent manufacturing solution integrates different applications and uses multi-axis machines to make the production line more compact and efficient. The solution achieves digital-twin and cyber-physical qualities, and assists automotive makers to manage production resources more easily.

The “Taiwan Excellence Smart Machinery Virtual Pavilion” was also introduced at the conference, where buyers were offered up-to-date information on equipment and facilities for automotive and parts manufacturing.

Simon Wang, Executive Vice President of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), stated that the economy froze in the first half of the year because of the pandemic, and made a deep impact on the world’s industries, which made manufacturers accelerate to import automation, and focused their vision on new technology development such as Electric Vehicles (EVs), as their response to future trends. “And since the global economy is starting to rise, we believe that automotive manufacturing and machine tools industry will recover soon.”

Mr. Wang also introduced the “Anti-COVID-19 Online Pavilion” in the webinar. The site shares Taiwan’s experience and expertise on fighting the pandemic, and introduces Taiwan’s medical products, which allow global visitors to find suitable solutions that would protect themselves during the pandemic.

Besides Taiwan Excellence events, TAITRA will also hold TIMTOS 2021 on March 15-20, 2020 to show global buyers the latest smart manufacturing solutions with innovative automation and industry 4.0 concepts. Please visit https://www.timtos.com.tw/ for more information.

To re-experience the press conference: https://reurl.cc/3Lkgk8, or https://youtu.be/Kg7g0W4bH1g.

To review company and product information: https://reurl.cc/Grgb9y.

To enter the Taiwan Excellence Smart Machinery Virtual Pavilion: https://reurl.cc/2g4W8a.

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