WOW! Videoke Singing is Good For the Health

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Did you know that aside from creating priceless moments with your family and love ones, singing in videoke sessions is actually good for the health?

According to various researches, people can actually experience a calming yet energizing effect when they sing. There was an article published in Time magazine that indicated our body, when a person sings, releases endorphins associated with feelings of pleasure and oxytocin, a hormone that is found to alleviate anxiety and stress.

You can notice yourself having a feeling of joy and less anxiety and also observe your mood improving when you start to singing, especially if you are belting out a favorite tune.

What Health Experts Say

Health experts also consider singing as a form of exercise for the lungs and other parts of the body used when projecting one’s voice. Constant singing will give you a stronger diaphragm and stimulation of circulation because you need more amount of oxygen needed to carry a song. In time, a person can also improve the quality of his or her voice with more practice.

The is also an international group called The Alzheimer’s Society which promotes a “Singing for the Brain” program to help people with dementia maintain their memories. They encourage people to sing to improve their mental alertness. With more oxygenated blood going to the brain, singing can also aid concentration and memory recollection for people experiencing memory impairment.

Highly Recommended for your Family

If you are planning to invest on a videoke unit for your family, you may consider getting a WOW! Fiesta Melody for many reasons: It is affordable, portable, easy to install and use, and it’s a dependable brand.

In the box you will get, aside from the main unit, a wired microphone, USB drive, remote control, song book, In-car IR jack, quick set-up manual.


  • Thousands of Built-in Songs – Choose your favorite songs from the list of English, OPM and All Time Hits of over 2,500 built-in videoke tunes,
  • Full HD Video – Enjoy singing with WOW Philippines and international video backgrounds in Full HD video quality.
  • High Quality Sound – Powered by Dream SAM 2695 Sound Module
  • Car Friendly– You can bring the fun anywhere, anytime with its compact design and IR jack for car installation.
  • Multimedia Player via USB Drive – The unit can also be used viewing HD and MP3 files for sound tripping. It supports all popular multimedia formats.
  • Professional Wired Mic – Effortless singing using a high-quality microphone.
  • Unli-Song Expansion via Song Loader App – Download videoke songs for more unli-kantahan anytime you want with the Song Update App/ Cloud Service for Windows.

Indeed, singing can be a natural antidepressant. Singing not only lessen stress but also lift our spirits.

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