Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Different Types of Dads


“My father, he was like the rock, the guy you went to with every problem.” This was once said by award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow to describe the greatest man in her life.

Truly, we all owe our lives and a lot of things to the person who has provided our need when we were young, protected us from harm and taught us a lot of life hacks to survive the sad realities of the world.

It is just right that we celebrate their day to show appreciation to all the wonderful things they have done to us. Father’s Day is just happening on June 21 and just in case you still don’t have a gift for him, you can just head on www.speedregalo.com.ph and order something special for your dad wherever you are right now.

Here are some gift ideas based on the type of dad you have


There are people who are just fond of celebrations. They will invite friends over to his home to celebrate just about any occasion. That’s why this special Father’s Day wine will definitely give him a reason to smile and have fun.


The dog is man’s best friend and if your father happens to love dogs, this bolster if perfect for him. He can use it at home while taking a much-needed nap or just to cuddle in bed this pillow while listening to his favorite music.


If your dad is someone who loves to watch movies or do TV series marathon via Netflix, all he needs is the sofa and something to munch and nibble. Delicious cookies would be sweet treats for him as he just sit tight and relax.


Its not just exercise that your dad needs but also a dose of fresh fruits to maintain the needed vitamins and nutrients of his body. A basket of healthy food will be a perfect gift to him as he continues his journey to wellness.


Many hardworking and responsible dads will never stop to work until they have something to bring on the family dining table every day. In case he loves coffee to perk him up or he just want to take a break from work, this will surely make him happy.

To all the wonderful dads out there, have a grand celebration and may you continue to have good health, long life and more blessings in life.

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