Finding Ways: ATM on Wheels Rolls Out to Serve Clients

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If there is one ray of hope in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this would be the courage and will to serve of our frontliners who continues to find ways to help other.

We often see them in the news— doctors and nurses in hospitals or food delivery personnel on the road— but there are also some who continue with their work off the cameras.  A good example are the people from banks and other financial institutions,

Take the case of BDO Unibank which has been true to its words to find ways for its bank services to be accessible in areas covered by the prevailing enhanced community quarantine.   

With the roving ATM on Wheels, bank clients are still able to perform various transactions like balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, cash advance, BDO cash card reload, prepaid mobile reload, fund transfer, donation, activation of online banking enrolment and 3rd party fund transfer and pin change. The ATM on Wheels, which is available from 11am to 6pm, accepts both local and international cards.

The ATM on Wheels recently went to Anonas in Quezon City, Bagbaguin in Caloocan, and Pasig City. This week, it has deployed to Savemore Branch in Camarin, Caloocan from April 13-15, and will do the same to Savemore Branch in Novaliches from April 16-18.

“BDO is positioning ATM on Wheels in areas where our branches are closed or in areas where there are no nearby ATMs,” the Bank said.

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