Appreciating Our Bank Heroes

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American author Brodi Ashton wrote in her novel Everneath, “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”

Indeed, during this calamity brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, heroes rise above from the challenges that we all encounter. We salute and give our highest respect to our frontliners who risk their lives to serve the public. We have our doctors, nurses and health workers who some have already sacrificed their lives in order for others to live.

Same goes with our soldiers and policemen who have been bravely implementing government directives on the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) while facing the “unseen” enemy which they consider one of the most dangerous antagonists they have ever battled. Hats off also to the people in the food service industry and the courageous delivery personnel who are also at risk in the line of duty.  

Today, I just realized that we still have other unsung heroes that should also be recognized. They are our bank heroes. I came to this realization when a friend asked for help to locate an open bank because he really needed to withdraw cash. He admitted to being not a fan of apps and online cash transfer and hesitant to use them thus he has no option but to do over-the-counter transactions.

My online search led me to this Facebook post of Mr. Aeron Cruz who works at BDO BGC- Ecotower branch in Taguig City. Here’s the link of the actual post

In the said FB post, Aeron expressed his appreciation to the support that they are getting from their company. He mentioned that they operate daily from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30am to 3:00pm with arranged carpooling for the mobilty of their officers and staff since there is no public transportation available and also to ensure their safety.

Even though they encounter challenges everyday from the time when they go to the branch, from the checkpoints they have to go through, to assisting clients with their limited resources, manpower and being possibly exposed to the virus, Aeron said that what keeps them going is the thought that they are able to contribute in this difficult time. He proudly assures their customer that they will continue serve despite their fears because they care for their people and our clients.

He ended his post with an inspiring message, “This is our call of duty. We may not be medical professionals but we’re proud to say that “We Are BDO, We Find Ways”.”

Truly, we can consider him and his team as bank heroes. How about you? Do you know someone who does “extraordinary things” in their own simple ways to help others?

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