Mini fan with big cooling power


Being small doesn’t necessary means weak. There is one cool product in the market today that can blow you’re hair off, literally (if you’re wearing a wig) and figuratively.

If you need to be a little cooler in your home office, at work or in bed, maybe you need one of those compact and portable desk fans, which can all take just a little space on top of your table. They are available in a wide variety of designs to suit all needs, and allow you to remain comfortable without cranking up the air conditioner.

My favorite is the 7” desk fan from Union. It’s small but is super-effective at moving a lot of air around. It’s also super quiet so I sometimes forget it’s there. This little beast’s oscillating fan automatically swivels to distribute the air, with a tilt-adjustable head and two manual speed settings adjustable at the back of the fan. It also includes a thermal fuse for safety.

 If you’re looking to stay cool, check out the Union 7” desk fan available on Shopee.

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