The Importance of Car Insurance in Times of Accidents


Road accident is every motorist’s nightmare.

Sometimes it is a tough luck that no matter how careful or how obedient to traffic rules the driver does, he would still get involved in vehicular accident. What’s worse is that many accidents cause injuries and fatalities and damage to properties.

In the most recent data released by the World Health Organization (WHO), it reported that there are 1.35M lives lost because of road accidents in 2018 with 12,000 deaths coming from the Philippines.

Another concern is that in Metro Manila alone, the number of car accidents has been on a rising trend with 116,906 recorded in in 2018 which significantly doubled from 63,072 incidents in 2007.

Thus, with such growing number of vehicular accidents not just in the Philippines but around the world, it is just logical and practical for car owners to get a car insurance.

One of the best car insurance in the Philippines today is the Malayan Automaster which offers extensive car insurance policy in the country.  This gives you the assurance that your vehicle is sully insured against any form of accidents from natural calamities, theft and automobile damage among others. What’s great about Automaster is the protection that it also gives to the driver and passengers with the following benefits:

AUTOMOBILE LOSS/OWN DAMAGE – The claims settlement reputation is top-notch which covers the car owner from automobile damage or theft.

THIRD PARTY LIABILITY – The coverage for Excess Bodily Injury is up to Php 500,000.00. Property Damage is also up to Php 500,000.00.

AUTO PERSONAL ACCIDENT – It offers protection of up to Php 50,000.00 and Medical Reimbursement of up to Php 5,000.00 per person which applies to 5 persons (including the driver) for Private Vehicles and 8 persons (including the driver) for Commercial Vehicles.

ACTS OF GOD PROTECTION – The vehicle is insured against damages directly caused by flood, typhoon hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other natural calamity.

RIOTS, STRIKES & CIVIL COMMOTION COVERAGE – Protection against the perils of social unrest and lawless elements like loss or damages to vehicle arising out of riots; strikes; or malicious damage done intentionally or unintentionally by third parties.

STANDARD AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES PROTECTION – Free protection for vehicle’s standard accessories like mags, audio and components, and air conditioning unit.

OPTIONAL VALUABLE ACCESSORIES PROTECTION – Enhance coverage to special accessories like bullbar, CD Changer, spoilers, customized mag wheels, etc by declaring the values, and flow the formula for complete advantage.

LOSS OF USE – Car owners can get as much as Php 500.00 reimbursable transportation allowance per day for a maximum of 15 days, while the car is undergoing accident-related repairs, counted on the fourth day of surrendering the car to the repair shop.

ACCREDITED REPAIR SHOPS – Plus an advantage of access to over 160 accredited repair shops all throughout the Philippines.

Indeed, the importance of car insurance in times of accident is something that every car owners should bear in mind. Getting insured is not an option, it’s a must.

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