Liposuction Philippines Expert Reminds Who Can’t Undergo the Procedure


Different types of liposuction, a procedure to get rid of unwanted body fats, are offered by a number of dermatology and cosmetic clinics in the Metro like Laser-assisted lipo, multi-procedure lipo called Venus Sculpt and Tumescent.

For those who are looking to achieve a body with their skin that looks naturally firmer after liposuction, they should consider getting Vasar lipo procedure on top of their list. Among the lipo clinics, Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute is considered the best in the country.

Dr. Claudine Roura, the first cosmetic surgeon certified to do Vasar High Definition Liposculpture procedure, can do wonder and can help individuals get that the six pack abs in men and an athletic figure in women. Specializing on Fat transfers to the breast, butt, hips and also for the face, Dr. Raura has serviced personalities and people with different needs for more than 13 years and counting. As the owner of Contours Advanced Face and Body, she offers nothing but guaranteed excellent results.

However, she reminded would-be clients or patients of liposuction that not everyone can’t get the procedure. First on the list are people who are generally unhealthy because of some risks of complications. Lipo is not for those who have medical history of cardiac arrhythmias, excessive bleeding, immunodeficiency disorders, seizures, pulmonary emboli, deep vein thrombosis, heart disease, and other related illnesses

Other cases that are recommended not to get liposuction are individuals who are taking medications because of possible increase risk of bleeding especially in invasive procedures; people with medications that impede metabolism like lidocaine (they should stop its use at least two weeks prior to surgery if they want to undergo liposuction); and of course pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Now, if you are not one of the people in the list, you are definitely okay to get the procedure. The next question is where to get the best liposuction service. Bear in mind that such procedure needs to be conducted by a doctor who has undergone special training in lipo and other skin techniques.

Dr. Roura of Contours Advanced Face and Body is one of the medical doctors in the field that not only brings to the table years of experience but also the guarantee that you will finally get the body that you long aspire to achieve.

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