What makes old people feel young again?


Do you know someone who is suffering from loneliness and feeling deprived of love and care because of old age? Are they upset when knowingly or unknowingly others remind them of their age? Do you want to help them change such mindset?

If you answered yes in all of the questions, this article offers five tips and suggestions on how you can help your senior loved ones to feel young again. We need to uplift their spirit and gain their confidence otherwise they will increase their dependence on either medications or other members of their family.  Ultimately, they will feel left out and lonely. What comes next would be ailments, both physical and mental.

Trigger their second wind in life by making them feel LOVED.

Let Them Socialize

Loneliness easily hits aging members of the family especially when they remember loved ones who already passed away. They are prone to fall into a deep sense of sadness and being sentimental. Find ways for them to connect with relatives, friends and former colleagues either by social media or regular meet-ups. Moments like these will help them lessen the stress they carry, boost their self-esteem, and be excited to share new experiences they gain with others.

Offer a hobby

All of us have something that we got hooked into when we were young. This can be a hobby or a regular activity that makes us happy, from collecting stamps or toys to creating crafts and playing or getting involved in sports activities. Having a healthy heart and active mind is a good combination to living life to the fullest. Going back to what we used to love or discovering new things can definitely spice things up.

Vitamins and proper medical attention

Proper medical care gives the assurance to elderly people that they still have more quality years to spend with their family and loved ones. This sense of security will help them rejuvenate their body and mind and even their soul. Aside from regular consultation with the family doctor, getting some exercise and a dose of trusted and safe vitamins or supplements can be good sources of energy.

Encourage being self-reliant

It doesn’t mean that when you are getting old, you should also “retire” from accomplishing things that you always do like shopping for food and groceries, visiting the banks and paying the bills. With the kind of technology that is readily available to us today, senior citizens can still do those abovementioned stuff with just a few clicks of the finger. Teach them how to use apps and other convenient ways to finish the tasks.

Do fun stuff

For years or even decades, our elders have been dedicated and hardworking in their respective careers that they have sacrificed some opportunities for leisure and relaxation. After retirement from work, this is the perfect time to take more travels with the family, watch movies and experience fun and entertainment more than ever. A happy heart prolongs one’s life.

Senior members of the family feel younger when they know that they have more control over their daily lives, regardless of stress or health concerns. They also need extra care and lots of love to be fully alive, overcome the fear of getting old or even death, and just live happily and content throughout their remaining years. 

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To summarize, you can make old people feel young again by making them feel LOVED.

L-et Them Socialize

O-ffer a hobby

V-itamins and proper medical attention

E-ncourage being self-reliant

D-o fun stuff

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