#MomentsOfCompassion: A more meaningful 10th anniversary celebration of Serenitea


American philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. once said, “Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.”

Truly, through sharing one’s blessings to others in need is an act of humanity, no matter how big or small it may be. The time you lend a helping hand, it’s already a priceless moment that will create an impact to both the giver and receiver.

Many successful businesses today give back to the community through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. A good example is Serenitea, one of the top tea shops in the country today. With ten years of prosperity and success under its belt, Serenitea believes that it’s time to give back and share the blessings to the community that put them on the map. As a culmination of its 10th anniversary celebration, Serenitea launched its initiative called #MomentsOfCompassion, which started in October 2018.

The founders of Serenitea, Juliet Chen (General Manager-North) and Jennifer Wong (General Manager-South) believe that compassion is the cornerstone of humankind. The founders believe that anyone can help make the world better in their own little way, whether through charitable acts of service or donations. Furthermore, these little acts contribute to a bigger purpose or a greater good.

This year, Serenitea chose Bahay Aruga, a house that provides free accommodation for pediatric cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy sessions, as the sole beneficiary for its #MomentsOfCompassion campaign.

In the photo: (from left) Celebrity Richard Juan, Serenitea co-founder Juliet Chen (General Manager-North), Bahay Aruga Founding President Marietta Bonilla and Serenited co-founder Jennifer Wong (General Manager-South)

What makes this campaign special is that customers were involved in this endeavor because the brand believes that customers are an integral part of the Serenitea family. Customers participated by purchasing any of the Brown Sugar series items: Pearl and Grass Jelly Brown Sugar (a concoction made with luscious brown sugar ice, chewy pearls, grass jelly, and cream that’s inspired by a Taiwanese dessert served in a cup); Pearl Brown Sugar Taho (a chilled Taho sweetened with luscious brown sugar ice and topped with freshly cooked chewy pearls); Pearl Brown Sugar with Holly’s Milk (a concoction made with chewy pearls drenched in luscious brown sugar syrup mixed with creamy premium farm fresh milk); and Pearl Brown Sugar (a concoction made with chewy pearls drenched in luscious brown sugar syrup, mixed with creamy premium farm fresh milk, topped with our Signature Cheese Frost and generously sprinkled with Muscovado).

The Brown Sugar series is one-of-a-kind because of its creamier taste without an overpowering sweetness. More so, the inclusion of a popular Filipino treat such as taho is also a way to take a beloved Pinoy street snack a notch higher for a cozy tea shop.

15% of total sales of Brown Sugar Series from last quarter of 2018 was donated to Bahay Aruga in the form of cash, gifts and a special event held last February 10. The event featured celebrity Richard Juan who conducted a story telling session and gift-giving activity for the young cancer patients.

As it continues to celebrate its 10th anniversary in business, Serenitea will continue its mission to serve the best tea, coffee, and snacks in town, while giving back and improving the lives of others through charitable work.

To know more about Serenitea’s upcoming events and activities, follow Serenitea on their social media accounts fb.comiloveserenitea, instagram.com/iloveserenitea or through their official website www.iloveserenitea.com.

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