ATV Buying Guide for Yamaha King



The Yamaha Viking is one of the top choices among side-by-side ATVs. It is a flexible vehicle, equally capable of providing a fun time on the trails or hauling cargo on a worksite. It is available with a three-seat cabin or in a long wheelbase layout with a second row allowing up to six passengers.

Everything from the upholstery to the door latches feels well made. As soon as you sit in the Viking, you feel as if you have what you need to take on any challenge. There is a reason it is a top choice among enthusiasts and professionals.

Popular Features

Perhaps the most notable characteristic of the Yamaha Viking is that it feels at home in almost every application. With multiple seating options, plenty of storage and a torquey engine, it seems capable of almost anything.

  • Powerful 686cc engine with plenty of low-end torque
  • High volume intake that provides consistent performance
  • On-Command four-wheel drive with a full differential lock
  • Plentiful cargo storage
  • Comfortable three- or six-seat cabin

Although there are some better options for the most extreme terrains, few feel as prepared and easy-to-use across a variety of settings as the Yamaha Viking. It is also surprisingly comfortable, even with every seat occupied.

Plenty of OEM and Aftermarket Parts

One of the great features of the Yamaha Viking is the collection of OEM parts and ATV aftermarket parts available. Its popularity means that plenty of manufacturers are making parts and accessories for this ATV. Better yet, Yamaha encourages customization with a variety of first-party accessories such as mirrors, a folding windshield and upgraded front guards.

Customize Your Yamaha Viking

Owning a side-by-side ATV can be a lot of fun. It is an even better experience when you make it your own with a few accessories, aftermarket parts and/or customized designs. Get that just-right feel for all your vehicles with aftermarket and OEM motorcycle parts and ATV parts.

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