Kwikset discusses importance of doorknobs at Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018


A leading lock manufacturer in the world, Kwikset, educate Filipinos as they discussed recently about the importance of door knobs safety feature during the Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018.

Vice President and Managing Director of APAC Spectrum Brands Inc., Dave Albert, personally discussed different form of locks in the market that was presented to different booths at the event.

In the first booth was the product station where Asia Sub Region Product Marketing Manager of Specterum Brands Inc., Alivin Tan, showed the difference of common deadbolt lock that most of Filipino’s use and Kwikset locks.

The participants experienced first-hand how easy it was to pick a lock on the deadbolt lock and witnessed how Kwikset locks worked wherein not a single person succeeded in attempting to open it.

It was explained that from the traditional key-inserted deadbolt to the sophisticated touch screen that has an additional safety feature, it also has the convenient and easy to use Kevo deadbolt technology that turns your mobile device to a door key.

Meanwhile, in the booth number two was the Style station wherein Kwikset showed the variety of designs and inspiration behind every door knob and lock from massive architectural structures like the Sydney Opera house to common household fixtures and materials.

In the last booth, Product Manager International for Kwikset, Kevin Sander, showed how every part of Kwikset products was made and tested to uphold the objectives of the brand and that was to provide safety to every households.

Kwikset products are known to be the most durable, stylish, and the safest door knobs and locks in the market akong its competitors.

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