Miascor Official Company Statement


We sincerely regret the recent incident at Clark International Airport and we again extend our sincere apologies to Mr. Jovenil Delacruz. MIASCOR Management immediately reached out to him upon learning about this unfortunate incident and we have already reached an amicable settlement. The Company, together with airport authorities, also acted very quickly and placed those allegedly involved under preventive suspension. They have since been

terminated and criminal and administrative charges have been filed against them.

We would like to stress that we do not tolerate this type of behavior from any of our employees. MIASCOR is committed to conducting its business with the highest standards of compliance and ethics. And every employee is expected to demonstrate professionalism, honesty and integrity.

We shall formally issue an appeal to the President to kindly reconsider his position on behalf of our almost 4,000 regular employees and their families who will be affected. It is unfortunate that the actions of six erring employees in Clark International Airport have negatively impacted the Company.

The recent incident does not define what MIASCOR stands for and how it operates. MIASCOR has been in operations since 1974 and has presence in several key airports in the country, including NAIA, providing aviation services. Many of our customers and the traveling public can attest to our service excellence and through the years the Company has been a major contributor to the growth of the country’s aviation and tourism industry.

The Company shall do everything it can to remedy the situation.

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