8 super shopping hacks at Super 8 Grocery Warehouse


Do you know that those who use their smart phones to shop tend to spend more than those who don’t use their phones? This is according to a study conducted by www.factretriever.com.

Well, you don’t have to leave your gadgets at home to make sure that you’ll save a lot the next time you shop. Here are 8 super shopping hacks that you may want to try the next time you do your groceries. The good news is, you are encouraged to use your mobile phones to help you have a great shopping experience.

  1. Apply for a rewards card. We’re sure that you are very familiar with this type of promotion but at Super 8 Grocery Warehouse, you can apply for their rewards card for a special price of P50 from August 11-15, 2017 only. Aside from the 1 point per P200 worth of purchase, you’re in for other wonderful perks and surprises!


  1. Exclusive promos. Super 8 Rewards Card (SRC) holders are entitled to bonus points. For every P4,000 worth of grocery purchases, they will automatically be rewarded with 80 points. Duration is from August 1-31, 2017. Remember, 1 point is equal to 1 peso shopping money.

  1. Download the Super 8 Rewards app. Super 8 mobile app users will get access to exclusive 8-Peso items. Make sure to download this app via the Apple Store and Google Play to avail of these added rewards! You will also get regular notifications of exciting promotions through this app.


  1. Free delivery. If you find yourself filling in a cart or two because of the very low prices and wide-array of products on sale shopping at Super 8, you don’t have to worry because you can avail of the free delivery service when you purchase a minimum of P5000 worth of items. Terms and conditions applies.


  1. Free parking. It’s ridiculous that some shops still need to charge parking fees to their customers. At Super 8, you can enjoy free parking as an added value for their loyal patrons. What’s great is that they don’t require a minimum amount of the groceries you shop to avail of this service.


  1. THE Super 8 Sale. The much-awaited 5-Day Sale, with exciting Buy 1 Get 1 products will run from August 11-15, 2017. And this is just one of the many unbelievable offers that you’ll find. Discover more, save more.

  1. Discount na, Discount pa. How low can prices at Super 8 get low? Imagine adding discount to already discounted items. May nanalo na, besh! Plus, you should try the high quality Great Buy line of products that can only be bought at any of the 60 Super 8 branches from North to South Luzon.

  1. Shop for FREE. SRC holders will get a chance to go on a grocery shopping bonanza with the Super 8 Anniversary Pa-Grocery Hakot Promo. Some very lucky winners will take home P8,000 worth of grocery items of their choice plus a brand-new refrigerator and LED TV! Get 1 raffle coupon for a minimum P800 worth of puchase. Promo duration is from August 1 to 31, 2017. Draw date of 8 winners will be on September 7, 2017.

Truly, exciting times are ahead for customers with all these shopping hacks and blowout surprises! And for the  grocery  warehouse  chain  that  made  this  happen,  the  future looks super.

“We  want to reward our  loyal  customers  who have been with  us  through the years,”  says  Armand  Mendoza,  General  Manager.  “We  want  to  let  them know that Super 8 appreciates them, and wants  to give  back  by  way of  these very  exciting promos.”

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